Design Your Own T-Shirt With Paint Shop Pro

Design Your Own T-Shirt. What you’ll need: A digital photo. Jascо Paint Shop™ Proо.Wear your creativity proudly! With Paint Shop Pro, T-shirt transfer paper, and your printer you can make personalized graphics to iron-on to T-shirts.

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Design Your Own T-Shirt With Paint Shop Pro
When you complete this tutorial you\’ll be able to:
Open a photo
Rotate and crop a photo
Add a border
Add and format text
Print an image to iron on a T-shirt
Open the Image

  1. Choose Start > Programs > Jasc Software > Jasc Paint Shop Pro or double click the Paint Shop Pro Icon on your desktop to open Paint Shop Pro.
  2. Choose File > Browse or click the Browse button on the Standard toolbar to open the Image Browser. Use the Image Browser to find the photo you\’d like to use and open it. For this tutorial we\’re going to use the Halloween photo, you can follow along using your favorite digital photo.
  3. Paint Shop Pro\’s Image Browser works like Windows Explorer. On the left, navigate to the folder containing the photo you want to use. On the right, double-click the photo you want to open. Rotate and Crop Your Photo
  4. If the orientation of your photo isn\’t right you can rotate it. Choose Image > Rotate and then choose one of the rotation options.
  5. To focus attention on your photo\’s subject, crop the photo. Choose the Crop tool from the Tools toolbar on the left.


Download Design Your Own T-Shirt With Paint Shop Pro pdf from, 6 pages, 1778.88KB.