Dreamweaver Introduction to Editing Web Pages

Want to learn how to create your own Web pages or brush up on your Web editing skills? Creating Web pages and managing your Web site with Dreamweaver is easier than you might think. This workshop introduces you to the Dreamweaver environment and its basic Web editing tools.

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Dreamweaver Introduction to Editing Web Pages
Topics include: creating a new Web document, defining a site, adding new content and importing existing text from Microsoft(R) Word, formatting text and inserting images.
WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION… 1 Overview Prerequisites Objectives
INTRODUCTION TO DREAMWEAVER… 1 Document Window Toolbar Objects (Insert) Panel Properties Panel History Panel Where to find Help in Dreamweaver Create a New File Open an Existing File Create a New File from an Existing File
SETTING UP A DREAMWEAVER SITE… 7 How to create a site
FORMATTING AND VIEWING A DOCUMENT… 8 Style Sheets Page Properties Saving Your Document Previewing in a Browser
FORMATTING AND STYLING TEXT… 10 Creating Paragraphs <p> Creating Line Breaks <br /> Creating Headings <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc. Changing text format <font>
ADDING CONTENT FROM A MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT… 12 How to copy and paste content from a word processor 12
INDENTING PARAGRAPHS AND CREATING LISTS… 13 Indenting a Paragraph <blockquote> Creating Lists <ul>, <ol>
Using a Background Image Inserting an Image <img /> Adding a Horizontal Rule <hr />
RESOURCES… 16 Faculty / Staff Resource Center Getting Help Campus Resources Books on Dreamweaver and HTML 16 16 16 17

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