Educational Policy Institue: Grants for Students

attendance from low-income students. However, they do not tell us how … of grants was followed by a decrease in participation rates for students from …

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Grants for Students
Much of this text comes from a paper given in Bangkok in March 2006 for the conference Higher Education Financing Policy to Support, the Accumulation of Human Capital, which was co-financed by UNESCO and the Student Loan Fund of Thailand. The author is grateful to the organizers, particularly Dr. Prempracha Supsamout, Ms. Dominique Altner and Mr. Suvicha Pouaree for the opportunity to do this research and speak at the event. Again, this should not be taken in any way to suggest that the views expressed herein represent those of UNESCO or of the Student Loan Fund of Thailand. Dr. Hans Vossensteyn helped in locating data from Europe on grants; Lutz Berkner, Brian Zucker and Don Heller were all of assistance in understanding the US literature on grants. Comments on a very early draft from Lyndon Simmons were also greatly appreciated. It is impossible to overstate the importance of the many espresso-fuelled conversations with Ross Finnie which have been crucial to shaping my research and thinking on this topic. At the Educational Policy Institute, I am grateful for the assistance of Amy Cervenan, Sean Junor, Massimo Savino and Watson Scott Swail for their assistance and collaboration in researching, editing and publishing the report. Needless to say, none of these wonderful and patient individuals bear any responsibility for any errors of fact or interpretation contained herein; that remains squarely with the author.

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