Installation and Operating Instructions Electric Shower

Fig. shows a schematic wiring diagram. The cable can be surface clipped, ….. through the built in water heater to make the shower water COOLER so it …

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T70Z, electric shower, Installation and, operating, instructions, T70Z electric shower, CONTENTS, Page, PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION, WARNING: DO NOT, DO NOT, WARNING: If restarting the shower immediately after stopping, be aware that a slug of, hot water will be expelled for the first few seconds. GENERAL, 1.1, 1.2, 2.4, 1.3, 2.5, 1.4, 2.6, 1.5, ELECTRICAL, A-001-A, 3.2, 1.7, 3.4, 1.8, 1.9, PLUMBING, 2.1, 3.9, 3.10, 2.2, 2.3, INTRODUCTION, ADVICE TO USERS, ImPORTANT: When first installed the unit, will be empty. It is essential the unit should, contain water before the elements are, switched on. It is vital that the commissioning procedure is followed. Failure to carry, out this operation will result in damage to, the unit and will invalidate the guarantee. SPECIFICATIONS, Electrical, Water, Entry Points, Z uni-fit kit required.), Materials, Dimensions, Standards and Approvals, If ever the water becomes too hot and you, cannot obtain cooler water, first check that, the sprayplate in the showerhead has not, become blocked. mAIN COmPONENTS, Fig. NoTe, Inside unit, (fig.), 4. 8. 11. Inside cover, ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS, W 006ARNIN A, THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED, (Fig.3), Table A, (Fig.4). CIRCUIT PROTECTION, unit, cartridge, rating, fuse, (see Table A). E-002-A, (see Table B). 9.2, will unavoidably be placed in one or more, of the above conditions. This being so, it, is strongly recommended to use a, minimum of 10mm cabling throughout, the shower installation. Table B, Twin and earth PVC insulated cable, Current carrying capacity, Clipped direct, or buried in a, Installed in an, In conduit, non-insulated, insulated wall, trunking, wall, Note: Cable selection is dependent on, derating factors, of the above conditions.
This being so, it, WATER REQUIREmENTS, 7.Kw, 8.Kw, Note, 0.7 bar, *Fig. Do not use jointing compounds on any pipe, fittings for the installation. SITING OF THE SHOWER, WARNING!, ImPORTANT: If installing onto a tiled wall, The showe, always mount the unit on the surface of the, r m -u008st not A, be positioned, where it will be subjected to freezing, tiles. NEVER tile up to the unit. conditions. Pressure relief device – PRD, Do not operate the shower with a damaged or, kinked shower hose, or a blocked showerhead, IMPORTANT: The unit must be mounted on, which can cause the PRD to operate. a flat surface which covers the full width, and length of the backplate. It is important, that the wall I-002surface A, is flat otherwise, difficulty may be encountered when fitting, the cover and subsequent operation of the, unit may be impaired. FITTING THE SHOWER TO THE WALL, Fig.7, Check there are no hidden cables or, W-005-A, pipes before drilling holes for wall, plugs. Use great care when using power, tools near water.
The use of a residual, current device (RCD) is recommended. (fig.7), The Inlet is not fixed during production. Deviations from the designated entry points, will invalidate product approvals and could, invalidate product warranty. Pipe access points on the front cover, Fig.8, (fig.8), Please note: the bottom cut outs are not, designed as \”snap out\” entry points to be, removed using pliers. The use of pliers, to remove the cut outs could damage, the cover and may invalidate product, specifications and warranty. ImPORTANT: Always seal around the incoming pipework to prevent water entering the, wall. (fig.0), Fig.0, The outlet of the shower acts as a, vent and M W, UST -004NOT be A, connected to, anything other than the hose and, showerhead supplied. PLUmBING CONNECTIONS, ImPORTANT, Plumbing to be carried out before wiring, mUST, (Push-on fittings must NOT be used as, full engagement cannot be guaranteed), mUST, ImPORTANT: Before completing the, connection of the water supply to the inlet of, the shower, flush out the pipework to remove, all swarf and system debris. This can be achieved by connecting a hose to, the pipework and turning on the mains water, supply long enough to clear the debris to, waste. Procedure, ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS, SWITch oFF ThE ElEcTRIcITy SuPPly AT ThE, mAINS. ImPORTANT: Fully tighten the terminal block, screws and make sure that no cable insulation, is trapped under the screws. loose connections can result in cable overheating. outlet, inlet, Note, Do NoT switch on the electricity supply until, the cover has been fitted. N-001-A, REPLACING THE COVER, With the cover off the, shower, (fig.).
ImPORTANT: Before finally fitting the cover,, the following steps must be taken, the unit do not prevent the cover locating, correctly to the backplate. watertight. position – and the temperature control is in, tightened. the mAXImum hoT position. COmmISSIONING, WITHOUT, mINImUm, (fig.7), Note: Failure to turn the control to, mINImUm FLOW may cause the PRD to, operate. COLD, mAXImUm, OPERATING THE SHOWER, make sure the commissioning procedure, has been carried out. To start the shower, To stop the shower, To use the power selector, N-002-A, the unit must be switched off at the, isolating switch when not in use. To adjust the shower temperature, The preferred knob position on, ECONOmy will give a different, After any servicing of mains water, temperature to the same position on HIGH. supply, always flush out the pipework, to remove any debris. To decrease the shower temperature, W-002-A, Always make sure the unit is started, on COLD in order to purge any air in, the pipework. To increase the shower temperature, Warning!, This appliance is not intended for use, by persons (including children) with, reduced physical, sensory or mental, capabilities, or lack of experience, and knowledge, unless they have, been given supervision or instruction, concerning use of the appliance by a, person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to, ensure that they do not play, CAUTION: It is recommended that persons, with the appliance. who may have difficulty understanding or, operating the shower controls should not, be left unattended while showering. Special, consideration should be given to young, children and the less able bodied. OPERATING FUNCTIONS, DO NOT use abrasive or aggressive, *DTP – Temperature limiter, cleaning pr W, odu-c007ts wheA, n cleaning the, shower as they may damage the unit. CLEANING, *DTP – Safety cut-out, Do not, Two Stage Pressure Switch, INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLERS AND SERVICE ENGINEERS ONLy, CLEANING THE FILTER, ImPORTANT: Before servicing, switch off, both the electricity supply and water, supply at the mains.

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