MySql Connectors and APIs Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to get you up and running with Connector/NET as… In this part of the tutorial you will set and retrieve a session variable.

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MySql Connectors and APIs Tutorial
many of the libraries and interfaces available for MySQL. This manual describes the Connectors and APIs that can be used with MySQL.

  • MySQL Bindings for GNU Ada
  • Connector/C
  • Connector/C++
  • MySQL++
  • MySQL wrapped
  • MySQL-Cocoa
  • MySQL for D
  • Eiffel MySQL
  • erlang-mysql-driver
  • Haskell MySQL Bindings
  • hsql-mysql
  • Java/JDBC Connector/J
  • MyDB
  • LuaSQL
  • .NET/Mono Connector/NET
  • MySQL Bindings for OBjective Caml
  • Database bindings for GNU Octave
  • Connector/ODBC
  • OpenOffice MySQL Connector/
  • DBI/DBD::mysql
  • Net::MySQL
  • mysql, ext/mysql interface (deprecated)
  • mysqli, ext/mysqli interface
  • PDO mysqlnd
  • MySQLdb
  • MySQL/Ruby
  • Ruby/MySQL
  • Myscsh
  • sql_mysql
  • MySQLtcl
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