Ultra & Ultra Multishot Rifle Instructions

wUltra & Ultra Multishot Rifle Instructions. Safety catch. Probe release catch. Filling valve cover. Cocking knob. Loading probe …

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Ultra & Ultra Multishot Rifle Instructions
NUMBER OF SHOTS (Approx), Carbine, Fill Pressure, Gun Safety, Safety Warning, Technical Information, Filling the rifle with air, Using Compressed Air, CAUTION!, Telescopic Sights, Loading the single shot Ultra, Trigger Adjustment, Loading the Ultra Multishot, Note: The magazine is factory filled with lubricating grease. Take care to avoid, contamination with dirt or grit and always carry magazines in a sealed plastic bag. Do not take the magazines to pieces, or remove this grease. Care and Maintenance, 2 Year Warranty

Download Ultra & Ultra Multishot Rifle Instructions pdf from www.bsaguns.co.uk, 2 pages, 192.31KB.
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