Airbus 330 International Procedures

This guide includes information from Captain Tom Kurpinsky’s North Atlantic & European Communications. Perform cockpit duties as requested Ensure Squawk 2000, approximately 30 minutes after track entry Ensure Re-release is obtained

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Airbus 330 International Procedures

  1. Prior to Departing Operations
  2. At the Aircraft Prior to Pushback
  3. Prior to Takeoff
  4. Enroute Before Crossing the Outbound Gateway
  5. Enroute After Passing the Outbound Gateway
  6. Enroute Approaching the Inbound Gateway
  7. Enroute Passing the Inbound Gateway
  8. North Atlantic Planning Chart
  9. Gate Arrival
  10. Track Change
  11. Track Diversion
  12. Oceanic Inflight Contingencies
    a. Medical emergencies (MedLink)
    b. Oceanic emergency altitude/route deviations
    c. Oceanic weather deviations
    d. Loss of FMS, GPS/IRS
    e. HF communications
  13. International IRO: Suggested Duties
  14. Captain: Best Preparation Suggestions


Download Airbus 330 International Procedures pdf from, 8 pages, 1426.02KB.
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