CodeIgniter 1.7 Professional Development

Adam Griffiths is a student and freelance CodeIgniter Developer based in the United … This book takes you beyond the CodeIgniter user guide and into more …

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CodeIgniter 1.7 Professional Development, Adam Griffiths, Chapter No.3, \”Form Validation and Database Interaction\”, 50% off, colek210, Promotion Code\’, Add Promotion Code, Grab your copy now, Adam Griffiths, For More Information,, codeigniter-1-7-professional-development/book, What This Book Covers, Why should I validate my forms?, Using the Form Validation Library, The form validation process, The user\’s process, The development process, [ 64 ], Contact form, Loading the assets, Setting the rules, List of validation rules, [ 65 ], Prepping data, [ 66 ], The rules, Check the validation process, [ 67 ], Sending the email, Final controller code, [ 68 ], Changes to the form view, [ 69 ], Re-populating field values, Showing individual errors, Final form view, [ 70 ], Changing the error delimiters, Changing delimiters globally, Changing delimiters individually, [ 71 ], Saving sets of validation rules to a, config file, Creating sets of rules, [ 72 ], Calling a specific set of rules, [ 73 ], Associating a rule group with a controller, Using callbacks, [ 74 ], Include the callback in the rules, Creating the callback, Create the function, Load the database library, [ 75 ], Performing the database query, Adding a condition, Show a success page, [ 76 ], Database interaction, Loading the library, Performing simple queries, [ 77 ]

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