DuoGen Water / Wind Battery Charger User’s Manual

The Physics of Wind Generation. It is important to bear in mind that the output you can expect from a wind generator is directly related to the speed of the …

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DuoGen has been especially designed and precision, manufactured to provide the most practical and user-friendly, system currently available for renewable energy electricity, generation on cruising yachts. This instruction manual contains important safety, information which will enable you to get the most from, your DuoGen. Please read this manual thoroughly prior, to the installation and operation of the equipment. Wind Turbine, Ensure that the bolt and lock nut, are tightened firmly. Drag, Where a battery monitor, is fitted, DuoGen must always be connected to a battery, when in use, otherwise a dangerously high voltage, can be generated at the output cable. Care should be taken when, dismantling and, re-assembling the air turbine, rotor, as, for maximum, aerodynamic efficiency, the, blades feature fine trailing, edges which can cause injury, if not handled with caution. Hold the clamp at both sides, and press the strap closed. Never be tempted, to hold the turbine by hand in, the wind and let it run. This is highly dangerous. The turbine will accelerate, very rapidly, and the forces, generated will become, difficult to control, due to the, effects of gyroscopic, progression. To stop DuoGen wind mode, operation of the regulator, turbulent air, mechanical or electrical fault, the recovery lanyard, DON\’T PUT YOUR HANDS HERE!, the spring, plunger located in the yaw arm lock, hole. WARNING: DuoGen should, never be allowed to operate if, it is not connected to a, battery. This condition allows, the machine to overspeed, and very high voltages can, be produced. On yachts with a near vertical or counter transom, the, recovery lanyard should be adjusted such that DuoGen, cannot pivot downwards beyond an angle of 60 from the water, surface. Running in Water Mode, slowly, To prevent accidental contact, A clearing line, Should DuoGen be vibrating or unduly noisy in operation, it should be stopped immediately whilst, the cause is identified. DuoGen should never be allowed to run with damaged,, cracked or misaligned turbine or impeller blades. DuoGen is capable of delivering sustained levels of high power. Manual Monitoring, Dump Regulation, The Pros and Cons of Regulation, A good compromise, which we recommend, is to fit a regulator,, but install a bypass switch. where a bypass switch is fitted, www.eclectic-energy.co.uk, DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY, GUARANTEE

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