Herpes Simplex, Genital and Neonatal

there were 1925 cases of initial genital herpes reported to DOH. Neonatal Herpes : … case report for Herpes Simplex is for initial genital infection. …

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Herpes Simplex, Genital and Neonatal
1. DISEASE REPORTING, A. Purposes of Reporting and Surveillance, B. Legal Reporting Requirements, C. Local Health Jurisdiction Investigation, Responsibilities, 2. THE DISEASE AND ITS EPIDEMIOLOGY, A. Etiologic Agent, B. Description of Illness, Herpes Reporting and Surveillance Guidelines, C. Herpes in Washington State, D. Reservoir, E. Modes of Transmission, F. Incubation Period, G. Period of Communicability, H. Treatment, 3. CASE DEFINITIONS, A. Clinical Criteria for Diagnosis, B. Laboratory Criteria for Diagnosis, Virologic Tests, Type-specific Serologic Tests, C. Case Definition, 4. DIAGNOSIS AND LABORATORY SERVICES, A. Diagnosis, B. Tests Available at PHL, C. Criteria for Testing at PHL, D. Specimen Collection, 5. ROUTINE CASE INVESTIGATION, A. Evaluate the Diagnosis, B. Identify Source of Infection, C. Identify Potentially Exposed Persons, D. Environmental Evaluation, 6. CONTROLLING FURTHER SPREAD, A. Infection Control Recommendations, B. Case Management, C. Contact Management, D. Management of Other Exposed Persons, E. Environmental Measures, 7. MANAGING SPECIAL SITUATIONS, 8. ROUTINE PREVENTION, A. Vaccine Recommendations, B. Prevention Recommendations, Abstinence, If you are sexually active, Do not inject illicit drugs. If you do inject drugs, do the following, STD prevention counseling, testing, and referral services, Partner Services (or Partner Notification) with strong linkages to prevention and, treatment/care services, Prevention for high-risk populations, School-based STD Prevention, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, UPDATES

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