Install WordPress locally in Win Xp using WampServer

for that purpose I use Wamp Server. Now this Tutorial will tell you step by step procedure to install, configure the wampserver and include WordPress in it …

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Installing WordPress in Windows Xp using WampServer, Requirements, Step by Step Procedure, Next, I accept the agreement, C:\\wamp, Browse, Install, Open, Unblock, PHP Mail Parameters, Finish, launch wampserver now, speedometer like icon, Apache -> httpd.conf, Edit -> find, Ctrl +f, mod_rewrite, Find, Cancel, switch on, Save, www directory, PhpmyAdmin, Privileges, Add a New User, username, Local, Localhost, Database for user, Create database with same name and grant all privileges, Global Privileges, Check all, You have added a new user, WordPress, your projects, Create a configuration file, Let\’s Go, Database Host, Table Prefix, Submit, Run the Install, No, Allow my blog to appear in, search engines like Google and Technorati, Install WordPress, Log, admin, remember me, Notice: you\’re using the auto-generated password for your account. Would you like to change it to, something you\’ll remember easier?, , Take me to the Profile Page, update profile, EXIT, start wampserver, Without, Disclaimer:

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