Introduction to LNG

LNG is the liquid form of the natural gas people use in their homes for cooking … Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been cooled to the …

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Asking for Help, Why Create a Plan?, Getting Started: Creating a System of Support, Addendum: Checklist of tasks and needs, Other options for help, What if someone can\’t (or won\’t) help?, Keeping It Together: How to Stay Organized, Take advantage of online resources,,,, Google, calendar, Facebook, MySpace, Organize meal prep and delivery, organize a meal plan, Identify friends, family, and neighbors who may want to help organize a \”food, chain.\”, Contact the identified people to see if they are willing to participate. Create a weekly or monthly schedule (on a calendar or similar format that, works for you). Questions to ask about meals and food delivery, The volunteers, Food delivery, Getting Help with Other Needs, Who can help?, Create a list of potential helpers, Addendum: Contact list template, Thanking your community, Web Resources for Creating a Care Plan,,, Addendum: Checklist of tasks and needs, Transportation, Household duties, Child care, Elder care, Patient support, Additional needs, Addendum: Contact list template

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