kawasaki ex500 Owner Manual

Wet, Multidisc, Manual. Transmission. 6-speed, Constant mesh, Return shift. Shift Pattern (Bottom up). 1-N-2-3-4-5-6 (w/Neutral Finder). Gear Ratios 1st …

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kawasaki ex500 Owner Manual
Engine Type Displacement Bore x Stroke Compression Ratio Maximum Torque Carburetor Ignition System Ignition Advance Crankshaft Rotation Cylinder Number Method Firing Interval/Order Cylinder Material Fuel Coolant –Capacity –Level Clutch Type Transmission Shift Pattern (Bottom up) Gear Ratios –1st –2nd –3rd –4th –5th –6th Primary Ratio Final Ratio Overall Ratio (Top Gear) Wheelbase Seat Height Ground Clearance Dry Weight Curb Weight Max Recom Load Fuel Tank Capacity Tire Size –Front –Rear Brake Type –Front –Rear Brake Size –Front –Rear Wheel Travel –Front — Rear 4-stroke, Inline, 2-cylinder, DOHC, Liquid cooled, 8-Valve 498 cc 74.0 x 58.0 mm 10.8:1 4.7 kg-m at 8,500 rpm Keihin CVK34 (2) Constant velocity, Diaphragm-type 12 V Battery & Coil, Transistorized Breakerless Electronic Clockwise from ignition (RH side) Left to Right: 1-2 180 Aluminum alloy with ferrous sleeves Min 91 Research/87 Avg. Oct. Unleaded OK 50% distilled water /50% ethylene glycol base antifreeze. 1.8 liter Level with radiator filler neck. Year & Model Colors VIN Range Engine No. Range
Model Identification
\’92 EX500-D:Ninja 500 x Candy Wine Red (H3) y Metallic Blue Violet (SD) JKAEXVD1TA025001 – 035000 EX500AE018001 –
Tuning Specifications
In sequence: x 2.3 kg-m y 1.0 kg-m z Warm up { Retorque cold Valve Clearance (Cold) Intake: 0.15-0.24 mm Exhaust: 0.20-0.25 mm — Adjustment Method Rocker arm screw Compression Pressure 18.8 kg/m2 at 440 rpm Spark Plug NGK D9EA or ND X27ES-U (USA) NGK D8ES or NDX24ES-U (Canada) –Gap 0.6-0.7 mm Ignition Timing –Idle 10 BTDC at 1,200 rpm (US) 10 BTDC at 1,300 rpm (CA) –Full 37.5 BTDC at 10,000 rpm (US) 37.5 BTDC at 10,000 rpm (CA) Air Screw Sealed–not adjustable Idle Speed 1,050 50 rpm (US,CN) 1,250 50 rpm (CA) Engine Oil SE Class SAE 10W40, 10W50, 20W40, 20W50 –w/Filter Change 3.4 liter –No Filter Change 2.4 liter –Level On center stand, wait 5 min, middle of window Cylinder Head Torque 0 = Step — Nuts
Wet, Multi-disc, Manual 6-speed, Constant mesh, Return shift 1-N-2-3-4-5-6 (w/Neutral Finder) 2.57 (36/14) 1.78 (32/18) 1.38 (29/21) 1.13 (27/24) 0.96 (25/26) 0.85 (23/27) 2.65 (27/23 x 63/28) 2.63 (39/15) 5.93
Fork Oil –Capacity SAE 10W20 349.5-354..5 cc 33 psi 36 psi 34-45 mm (STD)

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