Owner’s Manual for Remington Model SPR 21 and SPR 220 Side-By-Side Shotguns

Not all firearms are the same. With your firearm completely unloaded, open the action and make sure there are no obstructions or debris in the barrel.

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Owner\’s Manual for Remington Model SPR 210 and SPR 220, Side-By-Side Shotguns
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF FIREARM SAFETY, PAGE 7…IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE FIREARM, PAGE 10…ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS, PAGE 11…LOADING AND UNLOADING, PAGE 13…FIRING, PAGE 15…DISASSEMBL, Y INSTRUCTIONS, Safety is Critical to Performance. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF FIREARM SAFETY, 1 s t COMMANDMENT, Always Keep the Muzzle Pointed in a Safe Direction. 2 n d COMMANDMENT, Firearms Should be Unloaded When Not in Use and Secured from, Unauthorized Use. 3 r d COMMANDMENT, Never Rely on Your Firearm\’s Safety Mechanism to Justify Careless Handling. 4th COMMANDMENT, Know Your Target and What\’s Beyond It. 5th COMMANDMENT, Use Proper Ammunition. 6th COMMANDMENT, If Your Firearm Fails to Fire When You Pull the Trigger, Handle With Care. 7th COMMANDMENT, Always Wear Eye and Ear Protection. 8th COMMANDMENT, Be Sure the Barrel is Clear of Obstructions Before Shooting. 9th COMMANDMENT, Never Alter or Modify Your Firearm and Have it Cleaned and Serviced Regularly. 1 0th COMMANDMENT, Learn How Your Firearm Operates. Use the Security Lock Provided with your Shotgun, WARNING, Pictures 2 and 3, Use the Security Lock Provided with your Shotgun (cont\’d), Important Parts of the Firearm, SAFETY MECHANISM, STOCK, MUZZLE, FORE END, BARREL, RECEIVER, TRIGGER, TRIGGER GUARD, External Control Parts, Trigger Block Safety, MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THE SAFETY WORKS BEFORE YOU LOAD, OR USE THE SHOTGUN, External Control Parts (cont\’d), Top Lever, Trigger(s), The Barrel Selector (for Model 210 single-trigger shotguns only), barrel, Fore End, Instructions For Assembly Of Shotgun, Pictures 17, 18, Instructions For Assembly Of Shotgun (cont\’d), Loading and Unloading Your Shotgun, : DO NOT LOAD SHOTGUN UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO FIRE. Loading and Unloading Your Shotgun (cont\’d), TO LOAD, Pictures 22, TO UNLOAD, Firing Your Shotgun, : NEVER LOAD A CARTRIDGE INTO THE CHAMBER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO FIRE THE SHOTGUN. Firing Your Shotgun (cont\’d), TO FIRE THE SHOTGUN, Instructions For Disassembly Of The Shotgun, FOLLOW UNLOADING INSTRUCTIONS, Manufacturer\’s Warning, THE GUN OWNER MUST ACCEPT FULL, RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CORRECT REASSEMBLY AND FUNCTIONING OF THE FIREARM AFTER, ANY DISASSEMBLY OR REPLACEMENT OF PARTS. To Clean and Maintain Your Shotgun, USE CAUTION, DANGER – Ammunition Warning, Ammunition (Cartridges) Notice, Lubrication Warning, PARTS AND SERVICE, To Order Parts, Service, One Year Limited Warranty, PARTS AND SERVICE (cont\’d), Implied Warranty, Your Owner\’s Manual, PARTS LIST, Model 210/220 Exploded View, Model 210 with Single Trigger, Model 100, Firing mechanism of Model 220 shotgun 3-inch, chamber version GA. 12, .410, Model 220

Download Owner's Manual for Remington Model SPR 21 and SPR 220 Side-By-Side Shotguns pdf from www.remington.com, 24 pages, 811.27KB.
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