Spontaneous Reaction: New Formulas for Chemical Regulation

Spontaneous Reaction: New Formulas for Chemical Regulation. Basics of Chemical Regulation by. Steven M. Christenson. Global Regulatory Affairs VP …

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Spontaneous Reaction, New Formulas for Chemical Regulation, Basics of Chemical Regulation, Steven M. Christenson, Global Regulatory Affairs VP & Associate General Counsel, Ecolab Inc. St. Paul, Minnesota, October 2010, Table of Contents Summary, I. Introduction, II. U.S. TSCA Basics, III. EU REACh Basics, IV. U.S. FIFRA Basics, EU BPD Basics, VI. Conclusion, U.S. EPA Office of Chemical Safety & Pollution Prevention, B. Statute,, Implementing, Regulations, and Other Basic Info, TSCA Inventory of Existing Chemicals, Pre-Manufacture Notice Requirements for \”New\” Chemicals, Adverse Incident Reporting & Export/Import Requirements, F. Proposed, Reforms, G. State, Counterparts, H. Special, Chemical Restrictions, REACh Regulation, EC 1907/2006 & Other Basic Info, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Pre-Registration of Existing Substances, Full Registration Phase-in Through 2018, EU Classification Labeling & Packaging (CLP) – U.N. GHS, Implementation, Current EU Hazard Icon Example, GHS/CLP Hazard Icon Example, Impact of REACh on U.S. Business, Pesticide Registration & Other Basic Info, Key Definitions Under FIFRA, What Obligations Follow From Pesticide Registration?, Biocidal Products Directive, 98/8/EC & Basic Info, BPD Active Substances, BPD Implementation Timeline, GOAL, AS dossier, submission, by Jul 07\’, Notification, Identification, of active, substances, (AS), Start, Stop sales, containing, BP*, non-notified, AS by Sep, non-identified, AS by Dec, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014, VI. Conclusion

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