2005 Kia Rio Owners Manual

design at any time without notice and without Because subsequent owners require this important incurring any obligation. Door Headrest Outside Seat rearview mirror Antenna Air bags Spare tire Lights Door Shift lever (Automatic) Rear door child Fuel filler lid safety lock 1B3102001G 2-3 RIO ENG CNA 2.

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Kia, The Company, Enjoy your Vehicle!, Foreword, CAUTION, TABLE OF CONTENTS, INTRODUCTION, YOUR VEHICLE AT A GLANCE, KNOWING YOUR VEHICLE, DRIVING YOUR VEHICLE, DRIVING TIPS, IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, MAINTENANCE, SPECIFICATIONS, INDEX, How To Use This Manual . . .1-2, Vehicle Break-In Process . . .1-3, Introduction, How To Use This Manual, WARNING, A WARNING indicates a situation in which, serious bodily injury or death could result if, the warning is ignored. NOTICE, Vehicle Break-In Process, Interior and Exterior Overview . . .2-2, Instrument Panel Overview . . .2-4, Your Vehicle At A Glance, Interior and Exterior Overview, 4 Door, 5 Door, Instrument Panel Overview, Keys . . . 3-2, Keyless Entry System . . . 3-3, Door Locks . . . 3-5, Windows . . . 3-8, Seats . . . 3-11, Safety Belts. . . . 3-20, Air Bag – Supplemental Restraint System . . . 3-46, Rear Hatch . . . 3-54, Trunk Lid . . . 3-55, Hood . . . 3-57, Fuel Filler Door . . . 3-59, Steering Wheel . . . 3-62, Mirrors. . . . 3-62, Interior Lights . . . 3-65, Cup Holders and Console Storage Compartment . . . 3-66, Sunglass Holder . . . 3-67, Luggage Net . . . 3-68, Roof Rack . . . 3-69, Power Outlet . . . 3-70, Tonneau Cover . . . 3-71, Knowing Your Vehicle, Keys, WARNING – Ignition Key, Leaving children unattended in a vehicle with, the ignition key is dangerous even if the key is, not in the ignition. Children copy adults and, they could place the key in the ignition. The, ignition key would enable children to operate, power windows or other controls, or even, make the vehicle move which could result in, serious bodily injury or even death. Never, leave the keys in your vehicle with unsupervised children. Keyless Entry System (If Equipped), This device complies with Industry Canada, Battery Replacement, Standard RSS-210. WARNING, Changes or modifications not expressly, approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user\’s authority to operate, the equipment. Door Locks, Operating Door Locks – Without Key, Manual Door Locks, Operating Door Locks – With Key, Operating Door Locks from Inside the Vehicle, Automatic Door Locks (If Equipped), Never leave children or animals unattended in, the vehicle. An enclosed vehicle can become, extremely hot, causing death or severe injury, to children or to animals who cannot escape, the vehicle. Rear Door Child Safety Lock, WARNING – Rear Door Locks, If children accidentally open the rear doors, while the vehicle is in motion, they could fall, out and be seriously or fatally injured. To prevent children from opening the rear doors, from the inside, the rear door safety locks, should be used whenever children are in the, vehicle. Windows, Power Windows (If Equipped), Manual Windows (If Equipped), Driver\’s Door Power Window Controls, Driver\’s Power Window Switch, Power Window Timer (If Equipped), Driver\’s Window Automatic-Down Window, Switch, Power Window Lock Switch Feature, WARNING – Passengers, * Keep the power window lock switch on the, driver\’s door in the ON (depressed) position, except when someone is operating a passenger door window. Serious injury can result, from unintentional window operation, especially to children. * Always double check to make sure all arms,, hands, and other obstructions are safely out, of the way before closing a window. 3-10

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