Chapter 1: Introduction to PL/SQL

For example,. 4 Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL Programming ….. PL/SQL was key to the success of Oracle’s developer tools, and Oracle Applications …

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Chapter 1: Introduction to PL/SQL
Introduction to Programming Languages, NOTE, Note to Beginning Programmers, PL/What?, Structured Query Language (SQL), Command line, GUI, Web Page, Relational Database Overview, 1-1. 1-2. — Available online as part of PlsqlBlock.sql, id NUMBER PRIMARY KEY, CONSTRAINT books_author1, REFERENCES authors(id), PL/SQL vs. SQL, LOOP, END IF;, END LOOP;, PL/SQL vs. Java, PL/SQL History and Features, Version 1.x, Version 2.x, Version 8.0, Version 8.1, Version 9.0, Version 9.2, Version 10.0, Language Fundamentals, Anonymous Blocks, Procedures, Functions, Packages, Object Types, Abstraction, Consistency, Simplicity, PL/SQL Statement Processing, Interpreted, Native Compilation, Getting the Most from This Book, Audience, Objective, Scope, Assumptions, Conventions, bold, Examples, Summary

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