How To Use Microsoft Visio 2010 for SQL Server Architecture

SQL Server Integration. Services stencil. Download from Flow Chart stencil … Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. …

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How to Use, Microsoft Visio 2010, for Microsoft(R) SQL Server(R), Architecture, First Last Name, Month, day, year, Monitor performance and, utilization. Display logical and physical, information architectures. Use the Detailed Network, Diagram template. Add filled circles with text. Add custom symbols. Use AutoConnect and, standard connectors. Organize objects in containers. Relate directory structure to, storage hardware, Use the Local Information Store, Data Structure stencil, Right-click shapes, to change display. Use Quick Shapes to create, drawings more quickly. Use legends to clarify, data graphics. Data, Insert Legend, Customize the legend after, adding it to the page. Link data to shapes. Link Data to Shapes, The External Data window opens, automatically. Connect the data with the shape. Data Graphics, If required,, edit the Data Graphic. Edit Data Graphic, Enterprise Application template, File, Software and, Database, Enterprise Application, Block Diagram, File, General

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