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The tread compounds and tireapplication. By purchasing replacement tires directlyconstruction used with all-season tires are formulated to convert less energy to heat when flexing. They let you “feel the road”Using computer modeling to predict road conditionsand drive with confidence.

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Performance tires areand tested to meet ride quality and performancethe right choice for a true driving enthusiast. Performance Tiresrequirements for specific vehicles. TouringPerformance TiresYOUR MAZDA DEALER IS THE BEST SOURCEAll-terrain tires are available on several light trucks, FOR ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT AND POPULARprimarily 4×4 models. Designed for both off-road andREPLACEMENT TIRES FOR YOUR VEHICLEon-road use over a variety of surfaces, all-season tiresgenerally have a deeper, wider tread design than typicalall-season tires, allowing for better grip. A. Considering under-inflation causes nearly 75% of all flat tires and makes tires more prone to blowout, reduces fuel efficiency, and increases wear, it pays to follow thesehandy tire inflation tips:* Check inflation pressure once a week and before long trips with an accurate pressure gauge. * Always use valve caps to keep valve cores clean, clear of debris, and help to guard against leakage.

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