Motorola Droid Getting Started

On the web: To order a printed copy of the manufacturer’s User Guide. Manual, please call 1-800-734-5870. To download a …

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For More Help, Calling & Contacts, Web Browsing, Taking Photos, Android Market, Other Tips & Tricks, Notes, To set up voicemail, On the device, To make a call, To answer a call, To open the browser screen, Getting Started, 1. Optimize your battery life with a power control, Tutorial, 1. Home Key, Answer, Phone, 1. Browser, widget, Menu Key, 2. Phone, NOTE, Widgets, Power Control, 3. Dialpad, Menu, Settings, About phone, System tutorial, To go to a specific web address, Gmail, To ignore a call, 4. 2. Watch YouTubeTM videos in high resolution, By phone, Ignore, To download an application, 5. 1-800-734-5870, Contacts, Market, More, Watch in high quality, 6. On the web, 7. 3. To import contacts from an SD card, Tip,, End, To add a new contact, To pair and connect to a, 4. Install, Import/Export, Import from SD card, 1-800-734-5870, Setting Up Email, To take and send a photo, Bluetooth headset, 2., Camera Key, 4. Set up your device on a Wi-Fi network, New contact, Settings, Wireless & networks, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, To remove an application, Done, settings, To set up an email account, Connect, Downloads, Applications, Bluetooth, 5. Transfer files to/from your PC, Next, 3. button, Notifications, 5. Bluetooth settings, Uninstall, Email, Scan for devices, SHARE, Mount, Turn off, 8. USB storage, Device Layout, 5 Megapixel, 3.5mm Audio Jack, Charge and Power On, Google Account Set-up, Touch Screen Tips, Lock and Unlock Screen, Home Screen, Applications Tab, Touch Screen, Autofocus, Your Device, Applications button, Camera, Power/Lock Key, Charger Head, Touch, Android, Search Key, Charger/Data Cable, Touch and hold, Volume, Keys, Drag, Google, Personalize, Search by Voice, Maps, Google Talk, Flash, Flick, YouTubeTM, Sleep Mode, Google Search, Double tap, Battery, Door, Applications Button, Back Key, Camera, Home, Home Key, Speaker, Slider QWERTY Keypad, ALT Key, Directional Key, with Center Select, Power/Lock Key, View or change your device settings, Micro USB Charger/Data Port

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