Ontologies and the Semantic Web

The purpose Web search semantics to the enormous amount of information available on the Web … challenges remain, these semantic web technologies ….

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The goal of semantic web research is to allow the vast range of web-accessible information and services to be more effectively exploited by both humans and automated tools. To facilitate this process, RDF and OWL have been developed as standard formats for the sharing and integration of data and knowledge-the latter in the form of rich conceptual schemas called ontologies. These languages, and the tools developed to support them, have rapidly become de facto standards for ontology development and deployment; they are increasingly used, not only in research labs, but in large scale IT projects. Although many research and development challenges still remain, these semantic web technologies are already starting to exert a major influence on the development of information technology.
While phenomenally successful in terms of size and number of users, today’s World Wide Web is fundamentally a relatively simple artefact. Web content consists mainly of distributed hypertext and hypermedia, and is accessed via a combination of keyword based search and link navigation. This simplicity has been one of the great strengths of the web, and has been an important factor in its popularity and growth: naive users are able to use it, and can even create their own content

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