Parasitology, Instructions for Authors

It is essential that the appropriate reference format for Parasitology is … Introduction to Animal Parasitology, 3rd Edn. Cambridge University Press, …

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Parasitology publishes original papers on pure and applied parasitology, including biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, physiology, epidemiology, ecology, chemotherapy and the control of parasitic infections, the application of new techniques, advances in the understanding of hostparasite relationships, theoretical studies and major systematic revisions. There is no minimum or maximum length for a paper but all manuscripts, including short ones, must be prepared in the standardformat for this journal and any manuscript that is excessively long will be returned for shortening. Manuscripts are submitted electronically to Parasitology, allowing authors to benefit from faster review and earlier, online publication. Authors should submit their manuscripts online to All enquiries should be directed to Professor Stephen Phillips by E-mail:
Authors must follow these Instructions for Authors and should refer to a recent number of Parasitology for the correct style. Authors of Reviews must follow these instructions, except that Reviews may be subdivided as the author(s) see fit, with major headings in UPPER CASE and secondary headings in lower case italics.
The preferred word processing packages are Word or WordPerfect in either PC or Macintosh format. Please note: This journal does not accept Microsoft Word 2007 documents at this time. Please use Word\’s \”Save As\” option to save your document as an older (.doc) file type. Submission of a manuscript implies that it has been approved in its final form by all the named authors,
that it reports on unpublished work and that it has not been published or submitted for publication, in whole or in part, elsewhere. It is the responsibility of the named author to ensure that these conditions are fulfilled. Authors of articles published in the journal assign copyright to Cambridge University Press (with certain rights reserved), and a copyright assignment form must be completed on acceptance of your paper. On acceptance the named author will be asked to supply a final version of the manuscript. Once a proof has been returned only minor changes will be allowed. Authors should be aware that large numbers of changes may lead to the paper being returned to reviewers for approval, delaying
publication, in addition to incurring costs associated with making the changes.
The manuscript should be organized as follows:
1. TITLE PAGE. The title page should contain (i) a concise and informative full title, (ii) the initials and name(s) of the authors, (iii) the full postal address(es) of the institution(s) where the work was carried out, (iv) a short informative running title and (v) the name and address, telephone, fax and E-mail numbers of the corresponding author. Footnotes containing other addresses may be included. Nothing else should appear on the title page.
2. SUMMARY. This should not be more than about 150-200 words, in a structured format, and its purpose is to summarize the main aims, results and conclusions in such a way that they could be understood by any interested reader and not only experts in the subject, and could be used by an abstracting journal. References to published or unpublished work and unnecessary abbreviations should be avoided. Appended to the summary should be 3-10 relevant key words, suitable for indexing. Nothing else should appear on the summary page.

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