2006 KIA Magentis Owners Manual


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KIA, THE COMPANY, Enjoy your vehicle!, FOREWORD, MAGENTIS, CAUTION, Severe engine and transaxle damage may result from the, use of poor quality fuels and lubricants that do not meet, Kia specification. You must always use high quality fuels, and lubricants that meet the specifications listed on page 735 in the Maintenance and page 5-2 in the Driving, tips of the Owner\’s Manual. TABLE OF CONTENTS, INTRODUCTION, YOUR VEHICLE AT A GLANCE, KNOWING YOUR VEHICLE, DRIVING YOUR VEHICLE, DRIVING TIPS, IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, MAINTENANCE, SPECIFICATIONS, INDEX, How To Use This Manual . . .1-2, Vehicle Break-In Process . . .1-3, HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL, WARNING, A WARNING indicates a, situation in which serious, bodily injury or death could, result if the warning is, ignored. A CAUTION indicates a situation, in which personal injury, perhaps, severe, could result if the caution, is ignored. NOTICE, A NOTICE indicates a situation in, which damage to your vehicle, could result if the notice is, VEHICLE BREAK-IN, PROCESS, Interior and Exterior Overview . . .2-2, Instrument Panel Overview . . .2-3, INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR OVERVIEW, INSTRUMENT PANEL OVERVIEW, Keys . . . 3-3, Keyless Entry System . . . 3-4, Theft-Alarm System. . . . 3-5, Immobilizer System . . . 3-6, Door Locks . . . 3-9, Windows . . . 3-11, Seats . . . 3-14, Safety Belts . . . 3-22, Air Bag – Supplemental Restraint System. . . . 3-42, Trunk Lid . . . 3-52, Hood . . . 3-54, Fuel Filler Lid . . . 3-55, Steering Wheel. . . . 3-58, Mirrors . . . 3-58, Interior Lights. . . . 3-62, Cup Holders and Console Storage Compartment . . . 3-63, Sunglass Holder . . . 3-64, Sunroof . . . 3-65, Antenna . . . 3-68, Luggage Net . . . 3-69, KEYS, WARNING – Ignition Key, Leaving children unattended in, Use only Kia original parts for the, a vehicle with the ignition key is, ignition key in your vehicle. If an, dangerous even if the key is not, aftermarket key is used, the, in the ignition. Children copy, ignition switch may not return to, adults and they could place the, ON after START. If this happens,, key in the ignition. The ignition, the starter will continue to operate, key would enable children to, causing damage to the starter, operate power windows or, motor and possible fire due to, other controls, or even make, excessive current in the wiring. the vehicle move which could, result in serious bodily injury or, even death. Never leave the, keys in your vehicle with, unsupervised children. KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM, * The operational distance(5m) is, (IF EQUIPPED), exceeded. * The transmitter may not operate, when the weather is very cold or, when there are other vehicles or, objects around the vehicle. When the transmitter does not, work correctly, open and close, the door with the ignition key. * If you have a problem with the, transmitter, contact an, Authorized Kia Dealer. * Always use the transmitter to, lock/unlock the doors. When the, system is armed the alarm will, sound if you unlock the driver or, passengers door with the, ignition key. If at any time you, * The transmitter will not work, have the ignition key in the on, under the following conditions , position for more than 30, – Ignition key is in the ignition, seconds the system will, key hole. deactivate if previously armed. – The battery of transmitter is, discharged. THEFT – ALARM SYSTEM, Using an incorrect battery can, cause the transmitter to, malfunction. Make sure the, replacement battery has the same, specification as the battery it, replaces. BATTERY REPLACEMENT, ARMED STAGE, The system is armed as described, below. Alarm stage, Disarmed stage, IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM, THREE TYPES OF KEYS, CAUTION, If the key is in the ignition the, transmitter will not lock/unlock the, vehicle. Withheld alarm, Avoid trying to start the engine, with the alarm activated. To deactivate the immobilizer system, To activate the immobilizer system, Don\’t lose your ID key or forget the, password. Always keep your ID key in a place, When starting the engine, do not, where you remember and record, use the key with other immobilizer, your password. If you don\’t have, keys around. Otherwise the engine, both the password and ID key,, may not start or may stop soon, consult your authorized Kia dealer. after it starts. Keep each key, separately not to have any, malfunction after you receive your, new vehicle. This device complies with Industry, LIMP HOME (OVERRIDE), Canada Standard RSS-210. PROCEDURE, Changes or modifications not, expressly approved by the, If you cannot start your engine in, party responsible for, spite of limp home procedure, have, compliance could void the, your vehicle towed by an, user\’s authority to operate the, authorized Kia dealer for, equipment. inspection and necessary repairs. DOOR LOCKS, OPERATING DOOR LOCKSThe transponder in your ignition, MANUAL DOOR LOCKS, WITHOUT KEY, key is an important part of the, OPERATING DOOR LOCKS immobilizer system. It is designed, WITH KEY, to give years of trouble free service,, however you should avoid exposure, to moisture, static electricity and, rough handling. Immobilizer, system malfunction could occur. Do not change, alter or adjust the, immobilizer system because it, could cause the immobilizer system, to malfunction and should only be, serviced by an authorized Kia, dealer. Always remove the ignition key,, Malfunctions caused by improper, engage the parking brake, close all, alterations, adjustments or, windows and lock all doors when, modifications to the immobilizer, leaving your vehicle unattended. system are not covered by your, vehicle manufacturer warranty. OPERATING DOOR LOCKS, POWER DOOR LOCKS, FROM INSIDE THE VEHICLE, Never leave children or animals, unattended in the vehicle. An, enclosed vehicle can become, extremely hot and depleted of, oxygen, causing death or, severe injury to children or to, animals who cannot escape the, The doors should always be fully, closed and locked while the vehicle, is in motion to prevent accidental, opening of the doors. Locked doors, will also discourage potential, intruders when the vehicle stops or, * Pushing the front portion of the, slows. driver\’s door lock switch will, cause all vehicle doors to lock. * Pushing the rear portion of the, switch will cause all vehicle, When the door is locked, the red, doors to unlock. mark on the switch is not visible. 3-10, REAR DOOR CHILD, WINDOWS, WARNING – Rear Door, SAFETY LOCK, Locks, POWER WINDOWS, If children accidentally open the, rear doors while the vehicle is, in motion, they could fall out, and be seriously or fatally, injured. To prevent children, from opening the rear doors, from the inside, the rear door, safety locks should be used, whenever children are in the, To prevent the power window fuse, from malfunctioning and the power, window system from being, damaged, do not open or close, more than two windows at the, same time. 3-11

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