Finding a needle in Haystack: Facebook’s photo storage

poses a significant challenge for Facebook’s infrastruc- ture. This paper presents the design …… Table 3 shows the volume of photo traffic on Facebook . …

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Finding a needle in Haystack: Facebook\’s photo storage, Abstract, Introduction, NFS-based Design, Background & Previous Design, Background, Discussion, Design & Implementation, Overview, Haystack Cache, Haystack Directory, Haystack Store, 3.4.1, Photo Read, 3.4.2, Photo Write, 3.4.3, Photo Delete, 3.4.4, The Index File, 3.4.5, Filesystem, Recovery from failures, 3.6.3, Batch upload, Evaluation, Optimizations, 3.6.1, Compaction, Characterizing photo requests, 4.1.1, Features that drive photo requests, 3.6.2, Saving more memory, 4.1.2, Traffic Volume, 4.4.2, Benchmark performance, 4.4.1, Experimental setup, Read-Only Machine, Write-Enabled Machine, 4.4.3, Production workload, Related Work, Conclusion, References

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