a job search. An effective job campaign may require a variety of correspondence: … SAMPLE 1: LETTER OF APPLICATION. 1225 Hampton Drive. Houston, TX 77299 …

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JOB SEARCH, CORRESPONDENCE,, 713-743-5100, Location, Walk-in Hours, JOB SEARCH CORRESPONDENCE, INTRODUCTION, TYPES OF LETTERS WITH SAMPLES, Cover Letters, First Paragraph, Second Paragraph, Third Paragraph, 1. Application Letters, STRUCTURE FOR APPLICATION LETTERS, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, Paragraph 3, Paragraph 4, SAMPLE 1: LETTER OF APPLICATION, 2. Letters of Inquiry, Networking Letters, STRUCTURE FOR NETWORKING LETTERS, SAMPLE 2: LETTER OF INQUIRY, SAMPLE 3: NETWORKING LETTER, Thank You Letters, SAMPLE 4: THANK YOU LETTER, SAMPLE 5: THANK YOU LETTER, Acceptance Letters, SAMPLE 6: ACCEPTANCE LETTER, Withdrawal Letters, SAMPLE 7: WITHDRAWAL LETTER, Rejection Letters, SAMPLE 8: REJECTION LETTER, SAMPLE 9: REJECTION LETTER, TIPS FOR USING E-MAIL IN YOUR JOB SEARCH, Follow Instructions, Follow the Employers\’ Lead, Thank You Letters Via E-mail, Maintain a Written Record, Suggestions for Composing Letters in E-Mail, Your e-mail alias, Your subject line, Your content, Your signature block, Sending and naming attachments, Final considerations, SUGGESTIONS FOR COMPOSING LETTERS IN HARD COPY, RESOURCES

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