Mazda Motor Corporation’s Strategy

The diagram at Figure 1 is an approximate illustration of the roles of Mazda ….. Mazda Premacy and Mazda 323 (Familia) at FAW Hainan Motor Co., Ltd. (in ….. *1 Mazda Protegé, Mazda Protegé 5 and Mazda MX-5 Miata are avail

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1. Introduction, 2. Some Background on Mazda, 2.1 Mazda\’s History, 2.2 Mazda Today, 3. Mazda\’s Strategy, 3.1 Introduction, 3.1.1 Mazda\’s Vision, Mission, and Values Statements. 3.1.2 Mazda\’s Competitive Environment. 3.1.3 Mazda\’s Millennium Plan (Overview), 3.2 How Mazda has carried out its Millennium Plan strategy. 3.2.1 Pillar #1: Growing the business. Implementing a sound and aggressive brand strategy. Strengthening the sales and distribution networks. 3.2.2 Pillar #2: Restructuring and Reform. 3.2.3 Pillar #3: Creating synergies with the Ford Motor Co. 3.2.4 Pillar #4: Enabling our people. 4. An Assessment of Mazda\’s Strategy and Outlook for the Future, 4.1 Assessment of Mazda\’s Strategy

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