Mr. Vane Self-steering for sensible sailing

The first self steering system especially designed for use on a smaller boat. Mr . Vane sensible sailing. Self-steering for …

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The concept
Mr. Vane has been developed with the use on smaller boats in mind. The main focus was on three issues: Weight
Adding weight to the end of a boat affects its behavour in waves. This is why it is important to keep it to a minimum. Due to clever construction and the use of modern plastics Mr. Vane is the lightest system ever: just 9 kgs or 17 lbs.
Mounting options
Smaller boats often have transom hung rudders and outboard engines. Mr Vane is the first wind vane system that can be mounted in front of and underneath most outboard mountings. For this the vane mast can be mounted off centre (optional off centre kit recuired).
The optional mounting kit allows for a lot of different mounting configurations. Price
Smaller boats usually carry smaller price tags. So does Mr. Vane!
Mr. Vane has been designed for self assembly, you’ll have to do all the labour intensive jobs yourself. This will not only save you money on the purchase price but also on shipping! What do they say about things in small packages?
So what’s the catch?
Lower weight, more mounting options AND a lower price? That sounds too good to be true! What’s the downside?
As part of the design proces, expensive work was taken out of manufacturing and replaced with easy but often time consuming work that you can do yourself, with help of the manual. For instance, instead of balancing the wind vane in the factory it now has to be done by you. This can take quite a lot of time to get it right. But there is a bonus here as well: you can adjust it to a degree that no factory can provide, leading to even better performance in light airs! The many mounting options may offer more posibilities then you are able to choose from. Feel free to contact us to get to the best solution for your boat and situation.

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