Protecting Your identitY And PersonAl informAtion

The mission of The USAA. Educational Foundation is to help consumers make informed decisions by providing information on financial …

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sAfetY, Protecting Your identitY, And PersonAl informAtion, our mission, This publication is not medical, safety, legal, tax or investment advice. It is only a general overview of the subject presented. The USAA Educational, Foundation, a nonprofit organization, does not provide professional services for financial, accounting or legal matters. Consult your tax and legal advisers, regarding your specific situation. Information in this publication could be time sensitive and may be outdated. The Foundation does not endorse or promote, any commercial supplier, product or service. tAble of contents, What You should Know, Protect Your Personal information, do business With responsible companies, detecting identity theft, if You become A Victim of identity theft, military considerations, understanding Your rights, WHAt You sHould KnoW, What is identity theft?, How does it occur?, Protect Your PersonAl informAtion, reduce Access to Your Personal information, When using A cellular Phone or mobile device, Protecting Your Personal information online, KeeP Your PAssWords secure, do not use, do use, Viruses, do business WitH resPonsible comPAnies, shop safely online, How to recognize A secured Web site, Padlock. * reen navigation bar. https. Protect Yourself from unwanted solicitations, detecting identitY tHeft 11, monitor financial statements, review Your credit report, examine Your mail, 12 if You become A Victim of identitY tHeft, resolving Your case, 14 militArY considerAtions, Active duty Alert, staying informed, understAnding Your rigHts 15, identity theft And Assumption deterrence Act of 1998, gramm-leach-bliley Act, Your credit rights, tHis PublicAtion is intended for generAl informAtionAl, PurPoses onlY; it sHould not be construed As sPecific legAl, AdVice. becAuse eVerY situAtion is unique, You mAY cHoose to, seeK AssistAnce from An AttorneY or otHer quAlified ProfessionAls regArding Your sPecific situAtion. resources 17, internet sAfetY for Adults, finAnciAl PlAnning And goAl, setting, internet sAfetY for teens, mAKing moneY WorK for You, Protecting tHe elderlY from, frAud And Abuse, mAnAging Your PersonAl records, mAnAging credit And debt, bAsic inVesting, building And mAintAining good, credit, fAmilies deAling WitH dePloYment, to order a free copy of any of these and other publications, visit, or call (800) 531-6196.

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