Radiation Therapy for Blader Cancer

only way to treat bladder cancer. With advances in radia- tion therapy and chemotherapy, … able to treat the cancer while preserving the bladder. …

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bladder CanCer, bladder Cancer advocacy network, radiation oncologists, bladder Cancer WebCafe, national Cancer Institute, www.rtanswers.org, national Institutes of Health, www.astro.org, radiation Therapy Oncology Group, radiation Therapy answers, The bladder is located in the pelvis. It collects and, Radiation therapy, sometimes cal ed radiotherapy, is, The side effects you might feel will depend on the, stores urine and has a muscular wall that allows it to, the careful use of radiation to safely and effectively, area being treated, the dose of radiation given and, contract and expand. treat cancer. Radiation therapy works within cancer, whether you also receive other treatments, such as, cel s by damaging their ability to multiply. When these, chemotherapy. Before treatment begins, ask your, cel s die, the body natural y eliminates them. Healthy, doctor about specific side effects and how you can, transitional cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcicells are also affected by radiation, but they are able to, best manage them. Side effects may include, noma, adenocarcinoma, small cell carcinoma, repair themselves in a way cancer cells cannot. external beam radiation therapy, chemotherapy, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (nMIbC), Internal radiation therapy, brachytherapy, Muscle invasive bladder cancer, External beam radiation therapy involves a series of, Treatment options are based on your type cancer, age, daily outpatient treatments to deliver radiation to the, and overall health. Bladder cancer, if caught early, can, bladder. These treatments take less than half an hour, often be cured. The main treatments include, each, five days a week, for five to seven weeks. Surgery, surgical oncologist, urologist, linear accelerator, linac, radiation therapy, radiation oncologist, Chemotherapy, medical oncologist, Three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy, biologic therapy, immunotherapy, (3d-CrT), Intensity modulated radiation therapy, IMrT

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