Variations on Perfections – The Sequin-Collins Sculpture Generator

0272-1716/98/$10.00 1998 IEEE. Rarely do the pursuits of fine artists, computer scien- tists/engineers, and mathematicians converge. …

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Applications, Michael Potel,, Variations on Perfection, The Sequin-Collins Sculpture Generator ___, Jeffrey Abouaf, A peculiar pursuit, 1 Scherk\’s, Second Minimal, Surface of the, second order, in, wireframe. The, single surface, creates two, interlocking, saddle forms. 2 A Scherk\’s, surface of the, third order-three saddle, forms coming, together. 3 Mirroring and stacking the minimal surface creates a, Scherk\’s Tower. Here you see examples of the minimal, surface (in wireframe), the basic tower, and that same, tower with texture mapping and a bend, a twist, and a, twist plus a bend applied. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 4 Collins\’ early, sculptures concerned minimal, 5 Collins\’, surfaces and, \”Hyperbolic, saddle forms,, Hexagon\”, but were devel(1995, wood,, oped intuitively,, 20 by 20 by 8, without regard, inches). to the underlying mathematics, 6 The initial, armature and, beeswax-PVC, pipe models, from which, Collins constructed the, Heptagon.\”, The sculptor, November/December 1998, 7 The virtual, Hexagon gener8 Collins\’, ated by the, Sequin proHeptagon\”, gram. (finished). The researcher, 9 The virtual, Heptagon, generated by, the Sequin, program. The collaboration, 10 Screen shot, of the Sculpture, Generator I, program interface and sample, geometry. 11 Stages in, the fabrication, of Collins\’ \”Vox, Solis\” sculpture. The virtual form, is sliced into, cross-sections in, the computer,, with each slice, mapped in a, blueprint. Oneinch wooden, planes are cut, according to, the blueprints,, laminated, together, and, finished by, hand. 12 Photograph, of an 11-inch, rapid-prototype, model of, Collins\’, Heptagon,\”, created using, stereolithography. The possibilities of rapid prototyping, 13 Carlo, Sequin\’s, \”Skeleton of a, Boy\’s Surface\”, (16 inches,, 1995). Approaches Taken by Fine Artists, A The, FergusonStewart drill is, computer aided, to let the artist, accurately, locate the \”virtual surface\”, within the real, stone block. B \”Thurston\’s Hyperbolic Knotted, Wye I,\” Helaman Ferguson, (marble, 13 inches). C Bruce, Beasley\’s, Intersections, (cast bronze,, 24 inches,, 1993). Sculpture Generator II, 14 Charles O. Perry\’s \”Eclipse\”, in the Hyatt, Regency Hotel, lobby, San, Francisco (35, feet). Possibilities using virtual reality

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