2009 Nissan Frontier Quick Reference Guide

SHIFT_toughness, REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM (if so equipped), LOCK DOORS, UNLOCK DOORS, USING THE PANIC ALARM, AUTOMATIC DOOR LOCKS, The automatic lock and unlock functions can be deactivated or activated independently of each other.

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WINDSHIELD WIPER/WASHER SWITCH, (INT), (LO), (HI), (MIST), HEADLIGHT AND TURN SIGNAL CONTROL, AUTO, OFF, STEERING WHEEL SWITCHES FOR AUDIO CONTROL/, BLUETOOTH (if so equipped), MODE, VOL, CRUISE CONTROL (if so equipped), ON*OFF, COAST/SET, ACCEL/RES, CANCEL, MANUAL CLIMATE CONTROL, FAN SPEED CONTROL DIAL, TEMPERATURE CONTROL DIAL, AIR FLOW CONTROL BUTTONS, DEFROSTING/DEFOGGING FRONT AND SIDE WINDOWS, DEFROSTING/DEFOGGING REAR WINDOW (if so equipped), AIR RECIRCULATION BUTTON (if so equipped), A/C ON/OFF BUTTON (if so equipped), A/C, MAX A/C ON/OFF BUTTON (if so equipped), MAX A/C, FM/AM/XM RADIO WITH CD CHANGER (if so equipped), PRESET A*B*C BUTTON, PRESET A*B*C, SEEK/TRACK BUTTON, SEEK/TRACK, AUX BUTTON, AUX, SCAN/RPT BUTTON, SCAN/RPT, CAT/FOLDER BUTTON, CAT/FOLDER, MP3 PLAYBACK (if so equipped), DISP, CLOCK, EJECT BUTTON, EJECT A SINGLE DISC, EJECT ALL DISCS, TUNING AND AUDIO CONTROL KNOB (Bass, Treble, etc.), TUNE, AUDIO, STATION AND CD SELECT BUTTONS, LOAD BUTTON, LOAD A SINGLE DISC, LOAD UP TO 6 DISCS, CLOCK SET/ADJUSTMENT, DISP CLOCK, TRIP COMPUTER (if so equipped), INSTRUMENT BRIGHTNESS CONTROL/TRIP CHANGE BUTTON, FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE (4WD) SHIFT SWITCH (if so equipped), 2WD, 4LO, VEHICLE DYNAMIC CONTROL (VDC) OFF SWITCH (if so equipped), E-LOCK SWITCH (if so equipped), HILL DESCENT CONTROL SWITCH (if so equipped), HILL START ASSIST (if so equipped), FRONT-PASSENGER AIR BAG STATUS LIGHT, OFF. OFF,, will illuminate, bag is OFF and will not inflate in a crash. will not illuminate, air bag is operational. *When the system detects that the front-passenger\’s seat is unoccupied, the, passenger air bag status light will not illuminate even though the front-passenger, air bag is OFF. TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM (TPMS), SEAT BELT WARNING LIGHT AND CHIME, CHILD SAFETY REAR DOOR LOCK (Crew Cab model only), MOONROOF CONTROLS (if so equipped), UP/CLOSE, UP/CLOSE, DOWN/OPEN, FRONT SEAT ADJUSTMENTS, With manual seats (if so equipped), With power seats (if so equipped), Lumbar Support (if so equipped), FOLD FLAT FRONT PASSENGER SEAT (if so equipped), FOLDING THE REAR BENCH SEAT (Crew Cab Model only), UTILI-TRACKTM CHANNEL SYSTEM (if so equipped), HOMELINK UNIVERSAL TRANSCEIVER (if so equipped), NOTE: Garage door openers (manufactured after 1996) have \”rolling code protection\”. To program a garage door opener equipped with \”rolling code protection\”, you will need to use a ladder to get up to the garage door opener motor to, be able to access the \”smart or learn\” program button. DO NOT release the, buttons until step 4 has been completed. NOTE: Once you have pressed and released the program button on the garage, door opener\’s motor and the \”training light\” is lit, you have 30 seconds in which, to perform step 7. Use the help of a second person for convenience to assist when, performing this step. BLUETOOTH HANDS-FREE PHONE SYSTEM (if so equipped), For recommended phones and detailed instructions, please visit, www.nissanusa.com/bluetooth

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