A MASTERS GUIDE TO PLAYING. WINNING CLAY COURT TENNIS. Clay is the most tactically demanding of all the tennis surfaces. In the pro ranks we used to refer …

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. . . . . The teeth need not be straight, nor does the player needThe head should also be erect and facing forward. Most reeds are heavy and musthave excess wood removed inBefore using, dip the reed in a cup of water for a fewthe right places. An excellent reference is Williamis advisable to insert a plaqueSpencer\’s \” The Art of Bassoon Playing\”. 11FINGERING CHARTSIn the following fingering chart, all the keys onLEFT HANDthe bassoon are shown in the diagrams undereach note. When a tuner is used to check the intonation of the instrument, all notes should be carefully checked,and compensation for temperature should be considered.

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