BMW 650i Owner’s Manual

TOOLS FOR SUCCESS CareerTech relies on three basic instructional components to deliver competency-based instruction: skills standards, curriculum materials, and competency assessments. When used with classroom performance evaluations, written competency assessments provide a means of measuring occupational readiness.

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HVAC, PAHRA, HVAC/R TECHNICIAN, Technical, Program, SKILLS, STANDARDS, Requirements, OD33401, COMPETENCY-BASED EDUCATION: OKLAHOMA\’S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS, BY THE INDUSTRY FOR THE INDUSTRY, TOOLS FOR SUCCESS, Skills standards, Curriculum materials, Competency Assessments, MEASURING SUCCESS, TRUE TO OUR PURPOSE, HVAC/R TECHNICAN, SKILLS STANDARDS, Frequency & Criticality Ratings, —Frequency, Criticality, DUTY A: Demonstrate Knowledge of the HVAC/R Industry, CODE, TASK, F/C, Duty B: Demonstrate Knowledge of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Principles, DUTY C: Demonstrate Safety Skills, DUTY D: Demonstrate Knowledge of Tools and Equipment, DUTY E: Demonstrate Knowledge of Piping and Piping Practices, DUTY F: Demonstrate Knowledge of Electricity, DUTY G: Demonstrate Knowledge of Controls, DUTY H, Demonstrate Knowledge of Solid Sate Electronics, DUTY I, Demonstrate Knowledge of Load Calculations, DUTY J, Demonstrate Knowledge of Refrigerant System Components, DUTY K, Demonstrate Knowledge of Air-Conditioning Systems, DUTY L, Demonstrate Knowledge of Heat Pump Systems, DUTY M, Demonstrate Knowledge of Heating Systems, DUTY N: Although each of these components satisfy a unique purpose in competency-based education, they work together to reinforce the skills and abilities students need to gain employment and succeed on the job. Performance patterns in individual duties indicate opportunities to evaluate training methods and customize instruction.

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