CCNA : Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, 5th Edition

this not to be true in reality—but remember, we’re studying for the CCNA exam here, right? The Physical Layer. Finally arriving at the bottom, …

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CCNA : Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, 5th Edition
Chapter 1: Internetworking

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TECHNOLOGY Describe network communications using layered models Compare and contrast key characteristics of LAN environments Describe the components of network devices Evaluate rules for packet control

Welcome to the exciting world of internetworking. This first chapter will really help you understand the basics of internetworking by focusing on how to connect networks together using Cisco routers and switches. First, you need to know exactly what an internetwork is, right? You create an internetwork when you take two or more LANs or WANs and connect them via a router, and configure a logical network addressing scheme with a protocol such as IP. I\’ll be covering these four topics in this chapter: Internetworking basics Network segmentation How bridges, switches, and routers are used to physically segment a network How routers are employed to create an internetwork I\’m also going to dissect the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and describe each part to you in detail, because you really need a good grasp of it for the solid foundation you\’ll build your networking knowledge upon. The OSI model has seven hierarchical layers that were developed to enable different networks to communicate reliably between disparate systems. Since this book is centering upon all things CCNA, it\’s crucial for you to understand the OSI model as Cisco sees it, so that\’s how I\’ll be presenting the seven layers of the OSI model to you. Since there\’s a bunch of different types of devices specified at the different layers of the OSI model, it\’s also very important to understand the many types of cables and connectors used for connecting all those devices to a network. We\’ll go over cabling Cisco devices, discussing how to connect to a router or switch along with Ethernet LAN technologies, and even how to connect a router or switch with a console connection. We\’ll finish the chapter by discussing the Cisco three-layer hierarchical model that was developed by Cisco to help you design, implement, and troubleshoot internetworks. After you finish reading this chapter, you\’ll encounter 20 review questions and three written labs. These are given to you to really lock the information from this chapter into your memory. So don\’t skip them!

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