Generics in the Java Programming Language

The full details of erasure are beyond the scope of this tutorial, ….. back on earlier versions of this tutorial. Apologies to anyone whom I’ve forgotten. …

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Contents, Introduction, Defining Simple Generics, Generics and Subtyping, Wildcards, Generic Methods, Interoperating with Legacy Code, The Fine Print, Class Literals as Run-time Type Tokens, More Fun with Wildcards, 10 Converting Legacy Code to Use Generics, 11 Acknowledgements, public interface, void, boolean, not, copy, for, can, Bounded Wildcards, public abstract class, public abstract void, public class, extends, private int, public void, this, new, public static void, static void, static, interface, public boolean, public, class, public static, Using Legacy Code in Generic Code, package, public static void, import, Erasure and Translation, return, the type safety and integrity of the Java virtual machine are never, at risk, even in the presence of unchecked warnings, Using Generic Code in Legacy Code, A Generic Class is Shared by all its Invocations, Casts and InstanceOf, instanceof, Arrays, if your entire application has been compiled without unchecked warnings, using javac -source 1.5, it is type safe, implements, super, int, exactly, Wildcard Capture, Converting Legacy Code to Use Generics.

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