How to Create Joomla Plugin

 How to Create a Joomla! Plugin. Written by Andrew Eddie. Introduction. Joomla! plugins serve a variety of purposes. …

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Plugin TypesWhile the number of possible types of plugins is almost limitless, there are anumber of core plugin types that are used by Joomla!. However, there are other methods availablesuch as by OpenID, by a Google account, LDAP, and many others. org/tutorials/184-how-to-create-a-joomla-plugi. . For our test system plugin, the formula gives us a class name of:plg + System + Test = plgSystemTestLet\’s move on to the methods in the class. For more information on when some events aretriggered, see the API Execution Order page on the Documentation Wiki. . This is a very typcial format for most meta XML files (sometimes called manifests). If you only have the two files (the PHP file and the XML file), just \”zip\” them upinto a compressed archive file. Instead such plugins just define the callback function.

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