MCA Semester-IV CS-406 Database Administration I (MySQL)

Black Box Testing. 6. Book1 Pgs. 448 –455. 470 – 471. 3. Testing For. Specialized … Ref Book & Page nos. eg:T1 –pg 345. 1. Oracle10g. Instance creation and management … PL/SQL error trigger. 5. Oracle*Net. Basic Network structure,

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University of Pune Proposed Draft of M. Introduction Need, Principles, Policy, Types of attacks, Basic 3 T1:1-25 to concept of Network security terminology T2:1-security 10,306-328 2. Socket layer, Secure hypertext transfer protocol, 4 T1:212-270 Internet Secure electronic transaction, Pretty Good Privacy, T2:267-Security S/MIME, 280,216 Protocols -238 (Web Security) Security 5 9. Introduction, Basic Metrics, 5 Book 2 Pgs. Summers Book 4) Total Quality Management, Prentice Hall, 2003. Delegate, Unicast Delegate, 2 1,2 Delegates and Multicast Delegate, Delegate Events Chaining, Asynchronous Delegate, Anonymous Methods, Events 8. Forms Windows Application, Form, Common members of Form class, Controls, Properties and Events, Dialog Boxes, Graphics Class 14. Data Providers, ADO. NET Architecture, IIS 3 3 ASP. Profesional C# 2005/2008 by Wrox Publication 3.

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