Before operatmg your outboard motor, be sure to thoroughly read and under- stand this Owner’s Manual and follow all of the instructions shown. Of particu- …

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The warranty will cover only your NISSAN product and will not cover the boat the product is mounted on, the trailer, equipment, or accessories associated with the product. Serial Number In the space below, please record the engine\’s serial number (indicated both on the lower motor cover and on the cylinder block). This number will come in handy in the event of theft or to help in quickly identifying the product type.

Serial Number:

To You, Our Customer: Thank you for selecting a NISSAN products You are now the proud owner of an excellent outboard engine that will nerve you for many years to come. We would like to point out that carefree usage can only be assured on condition that this manual is read through in its entirety and the maintenance routines described later in this manual are followed carefully. Should difficulty arise with the engme, please follow the troubleshooting procedures listed at the end of this manual. If the problem persists, contact an authorized NISSAN service shop or your dealer. We hope you will get much enjoyment from this product and wish you good luck in your boating adventures. NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD. NOTICE: DANGER/WARNINGICAUTlONlNote Before operatmg your outboard motor, be sure to thoroughly read and understand this Owner\’s Manual and follow all of the instructions shown. Of particular importance is information preceded by the words \”DANGER,\” \”WARNING,\” \”CAUTION,\” and \”Notes\” Always pay special attention to such information to ensure safer and trouble-free operation at all times.

Failure to observe could result in severe personal injury or death.

Failure to observe could result in minor personal injury or product or property damage.


This instruction provides special information to facilitate the use or maintenance of the outboard or to clarify important points. EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH The stop switch will cut off the engine when the stop switch line is pulled out. This line can be attached to the body of the operator, effectively preventing injuries from the propeller m casehe/shefalls overboard. We highly recommenduseof the stop switch line becauseit can save the life of the operator if somerhingsbad happens.However, we would also like to point out the drawbacksof the switch. Accldental acbvation of the switch (such as the line being pulled out in heavy seas) could causepassengers lose their balance to and even fall overboard, or it could result in lossof power in heavy seas,strong currents, or high winds. Loss of control while mooring is another potential hazard~ To prevent such hazardoussituations.the 500 mm line is coiled and can extend to a full 1,300 mm. WARNINGS As the operator/driver of the boat, you are responsiblefor the safety of those aboard and those m other crafts around yours, and for following local boating regulations.Therefore you should possess thorough knowledge of correct operation of the boat, its accessories, the engine.To learn about the correct operaand tion and maintenanceof the engine, pleaseread through this manualcarefully. It is very difficult for a person standing or floating in the water to take evasive action should he or she seea power boat heading in his/her direction, even at a slow speedy Therefore, when your boat is in the immediate vicinity of people in the water, the engine should be shifted to neutral and shut off.

SERIOUS INJURY IS LIKELY IF A PERSON IN THE WATER MAKES CONTACT WITH A MOVING BOAT, GEAR HOUSING, PROPELLER, OR ANY SOLID DEVICE RIGIDLY ATTACHED TO A BOAT OR GEAR HOUSING. It is the operator\’s responsibility to perform all safety checks and to ensure that all lubrication and maintenance instructions are complied with for safe operation. It is also the operator\’s responsibility to return the unit to the local dealer for periodic inspection. Correct periodic maintenance and good care of this outboard engine will lessen the chance of problems and keep overall operating expenses at a minimum. SERVICING, REPLACEMENT PARTS, & LUBRICANTS Only let an authorized NISSAN service shop perform servicing or maintenance on this product. Be sure to use genuine parts and genuine lubricants or recommended lubricants. MAINTENANCE As the owner of this outboard engine, you should be acquainted with its correct maintenance. Please comply with all instructions on lubrication and maintenance, and return the engine to the dealer or service shop for periodic inspection at the prescribed intervals. Troublefree operation cannot be expected unless the engine receives adequate periodic maintenance. If maintenance is performed periodically, it is not likely that a costly overhaul will ever be required. USE OF SERVICE SHOP When subjecting your NISSAN product to a check or repair, please be sure to use a NISSAN dealer authorized by NISSAN or a NISSAN agent.


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