Simple Actionscript Tutorial

Simple Actionscript Tutorial. Michael Haungs, Winter 2011. 1 Objective. In this assignment, we’re going to create a simple animation like we did in lab#1, …

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0 to animate your symbols. adobe. 0 Flash document. 2Create a SymbolIn order to make an animation, we first need to create a \”character\”. We\’ll use this name later to animate the symbol. 4* Time to think!- What do you notice?- Did your character appear where you thought it would?- Where did you think it would appear?- What does this mean about the stage\’s coordinate system?* Let\’s fix this by changing some of our character\’s parameters (variables) to get it to appear in a different place. Event;\”, please add it now. 6The Document ClassBefore we add a little more functionality to our animation, let\’s centralize our code in a separate file. 0 Class\” and click on the OK button. x + s t e p ;s 1 .

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