Sony Ericsson S302 User guide

This User guide is published by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications … Please note: Some of the services in this User guide are not supported …

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User guide

This is the Internet version of the User guide. (c) Print only for private use.

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Instruction symbols
The following appear in this User guide: > Use the navigation key to scroll and select Press the centre selection key Press the navigation key up Press the navigation key down Press the navigation key to the left Press the navigation key to the right Note Tip Warning Indicates that a service or function is network- or subscription-dependent. All menus or functions may not be available in your phone. Consult your network operator for more information. 2
This is the Internet version of the User guide. (c) Print only for private use.

SIM card
The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, which you get from your network operator, contains information about your subscription. Always turn off your phone and detach the charger and the battery before you insert or remove the SIM card. You can save contacts on the SIM card before removing it from your phone. You can also save contacts in the phone memory. See Contacts on page 22.

PIN code (SIM card lock)
The PIN (Personal Identification Number) code is a SIM card lock that protects your subscription, but not the phone itself. If the card is locked, you have to enter the PIN code when you turn on your phone. To change your PIN code, see SIM card lock on page 36. Each PIN digit appears as *, unless it starts with emergency number digits, for example, 112 or 911. You can call an emergency number without entering a PIN. If you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row, PIN blocked appears. To unblock it, you need to enter your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key).
Go to the main menus or select items Scroll between the menus and tabs Select options shown immediately above these keys on the screen Delete items, such as pictures, sounds and contacts. On the side: Press to stop or play music when in the Music player mode Press to mute or unmute the radio. Works only if an audio accessory is connected Press to move between the Music player and standby My shortcuts – add your favourite functions to access them quickly From standby press to activate Camera and video recorder Press and hold down to turn the phone on/off Press to end a call Press to make a call after you gave entered the phone number
The main menus are shown as icons. Some submenus include tabs. To navigate the phone menus 1 From standby select Menu. 2 Use the navigation key to move through the menus. To scroll between the tabs * Press the navigation key left or right. To go back one step in the menu * Select Back. To return to standby * Press . To lock the keypad and select Lock. * Press To unlock the keypad and select * Press Unlock. To set the phone to silent * Press and hold down .
Menu overview
PlayNowTM* Internet* Entertainment Camera Messaging Music player File manager** Contacts Radio Calls** All Dialled Organiser Missed Answered All files, On mem. card, In phone New contact Write new, Inbox, Email, Drafts, Outbox, Sent messages, Call voicemail, Templates, Settings Homepage, Enter address, Bookmarks, History, Saved pages, Internet settings Games, TrackIDTM, Video player, Record sound
Settings** General Profiles Time & date Phone language Shortcuts Flight mode Security Phone status Reset all Calls Speed dial Divert calls Manage calls Time & cost* Show/hide no. Handsfree Sounds & alerts Ring volume Ringtone Silent mode Vibrating alert Message alert Key sound Display Wallpaper Themes Startup screen Screen saver Brightness

Connectivity Bluetooth USB Synchronisation* Mobile networks Internet settings

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