in the Owner’s Manual of the outboard motor. A malfunction can result if fuel mixed with water is sent to the engine. NOTE: or. : To deactivate the buzzer …

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COMMAND LINK, MULTIFUNCTION METER, (SQUARE), OPERATION MANUAL, 6Y8-2819U-00, To the owner, COMMAND LINK, (c)2005 by Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. 1st Edition, March 2005, All rights reserved. Any reprinting or unauthorized use, without the written permission of, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. is expressly prohibited. Printed in Japan, WARNING, Failure to follow WARNING instructions, could result in severe injury or death to, the machine operator, a bystander, or a, person inspecting or repairing the outboard motor. CAUTION, A CAUTION indicates special precautions that must be taken to avoid damage, to the outboard motor. NOTE, Table of contents, 1. Tachometer unit … 1, 2. Speedometer unit… 22, 3. Fuel management meter, unit … 34, 5. Setting up the meters … 63, 4. Speed & Fuel meter unit … 47, 1. Tachometer unit, Tachometer, Trim meter, Adjusting trolling speed, Multifunction display (Page 4), Description/Activating the meter, Description, Activating the meter, Tachometer/Trim meter, Periodic maintenance notification, Multifunction display, Display 1, (4-stroke), (2-stroke), Display 2, Display 3, Display 4, Oil pressure display (4-stroke models), * Do not operate the engine without, engine oil. Severe engine damage can, result. * Check the oil level by following the, procedure described in the engine, Owner\’s Manual. * If you cannot locate and correct the, cause, consult a Yamaha dealer. Oil level display (2-stroke models)/Total hour, Trip hour display, Oil level display (2-stroke models), Total hour, Trip hour display, Do not operate the engine without engine, oil. Severe engine damage can result. Cooling water/engine temperature display, Cooling water/engine temperature, display, * When the overheat warning comes on,, turn the engine off and check the cooling water inlet for clogs. Battery voltage display, * When the low battery voltage warning, comes on, check the battery and the, wiring. Cooling water pressure display/Water detection warning, Cooling water pressure display, Water detection warning, (optional: cooling water pressure sensor, has been installed), When the water detection warning comes, on, turn the engine off and remove the, water from the water separator (fuel filter) by following the procedure described, in the Owner\’s Manual of the outboard, motor. A malfunction can result if fuel, mixed with water is sent to the engine. * When the cooling water pressure, decreases to 10 psi or less, turn the, engine off and check the cooling water, inlet for clogs. Changing backlight settings/Adjusting trolling speed, Changing backlight settings, Changing settings (custom mode), Switching to custom mode, MAINTENANCE (resetting maintenance intervals), MAINTENANCE (resetting maintenance, intervals), Resetting custom mode, TRIM 0SET (setting trim angle)/DISPLAY (setting displays), TRIM 0SET (setting trim angle), DISPLAY (setting displays), No. erature, ltag, ration, ur,, tem, ssure/, l ho, isplay, nfigu, oolin, ressure, rip h, Oil p, Oil level, FORM (setting display format), Total hour, Trip hour (Tr):

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