2006 Honda RSX Owner’s Manual

2006 RSX. Owner’s Manual. (Unlinked). This document does not contain hyperlinks and may be formatted for printing instead of web us. This is …

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2006 Honda RSX Owner\’s Manual
2006 RSX, Owner\’s Identification, POUR CLIENTS CANADIEN, AVIS IMPORTANT: Si vous avez, besoin d\’un Manuel du Conducteur, en f rancais, veuillez demander a, votre concessionnaire de, commander le numero de piece, 33S6MC40, Introduction, WARNING, A Few Words About Safety, Saf ety Labels, Saf ety Messages, DANGER W, ARNING, CAUTION, Saf ety Headings, Saf ety, Instructions, Contents, Your Vehicle at a Glance, … 4, Driver and Passenger Saf ety, … 7, Instruments and Controls, … 49, Features, … 87, Bef ore Driving, … 131, Driving, … 145, Maintenance, … 165, Taking Care of the Unexpected, … 203, Technical Inf ormation, … 227, Warranty and Customer Relations (U.S. and Canada only), … 239, Authorized Manuals (U.S. only), … 243, Index … I, Service Inf ormation Summary, … last page, Overview of Contents, Bef ore Driving, Technical Inf ormation, Your Vehicle at a Glance, Warranty and Customer, Driving, Relations, (U.S. and Canada only), Driver and Passenger Saf ety, Maintenance, Authorized Manuals, (U.S. only), Instruments and Controls, Taking Care of the Unexpected, Index, Service Inf ormation Summary, Features, DOOR AND, MIRROR, DRIVER\’S FRONT, INSTRUMENT PANEL INDICATORS (P. 51), CLIMATE CONTROL, HATCH LOCK, CONTROLS, AIRBAG, GAUGES (P. 57), SYSTEM, SWITCH, (P. 80), (P. 11, 23), (P. 88), (P. 67), FRONT PASSENGER\’S, POWER WINDOW, SWITCHES, (P. 77), AUDIO SYSTEM, (P. 92), FUEL FILL, SHIFT LEVER, DOOR RELEASE, (P. 148, 151), HANDLE, (P. 134), HOOD RELEASE HANDLE, PARKING BRAKE, (P. 135), (P. 81), REAR WINDOW DEFOGGER, HAZARD WARNING BUTTON, (P. 62), ourVehicle, CRUISE CONTROL, MASTER SWITCH 2, (P. 127), ataGlance, WINDSHIELD WIPERS/, WASHERS, (P. 60), INSTRUMENT PANEL, BRIGHTNESS, MOONROOF, SWITCH 2, (P. 79), HORN 1, HEADLIGHTS/TURN SIGNALS, STEERING WHEEL ADJUSTMENT, CRUISE CONTROL BUTTONS 2, (P. 61), (P. 63), (P. 128), Driver and Passenger Safety, iver, Passeng, Important Safety Precautions, Control Your Speed, Be Aware of Airbag Hazards, Always Wear Your Seat Belt, Keep Your Vehicle in Saf e, Condition, Don\’t Drink and Drive, Restrain All Children, Your Vehicle\’s Safety Features, (10), (1) Safety Cage, (2) Crush Zone, (3) Seats and Seat-Backs, (4) Head Restraints, (5) Collapsible Steering Column, (6) Seat Belts, (7) Front Airbags, (8) Side Airbags, (9) Seat Belt Tensioners, (10) Door Locks, Seat Belts, always wear, your seat belt, Why Wear Seat Belts, Airbags, What you should do, Airbags do not replace seat belts. Airbags of f er no protection in rear, impacts, or minor f rontal or side, collisions. Airbags can pose hazards. Protecting Adults and Teens, 1.Close and Lock the Doors, 2.Adjust the Front Seats, 3.Adjust the Seat-Backs, 4.Fasten and Position the Seat, Belts, Never place the shoulder portion of a, 5.Maintain a Proper Sitting, lap/shoulder belt under your arm or, Position, behind your back. No one should sit in a seat with an, inoperative seat belt.

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