Airbus Sample Oral Study Guide

Unofficial Airbus Study Site AIRBUS A319/320/321. Technical Ground School Study Guide. July 1, 2004. (Updated 1/18/05). PART ONE …

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Airbus Sample Oral Study Guide
Chapter 6: Ice & Rain Protection
1. Is it permitted to select WING ANTI-ICE pushbutton on the ground? On the ground, the valves only open for 30 seconds for system testing. They close automatically: * Upon touchdown, * If a leak is detected, or * If electrical power is lost. Wing anti-ice is not permitted on the ground or in flight when the TAT exceeds 10C. 2. On approach, when should WING anti-ice be selected OFF? Wing anti-ice operation: * Select WING ANTI-ICE ON after thrust reduction altitude * Normally, WING ANTI ICE should be selected OFF at the FAF * If in severe icing conditions, WING ANTI-ICE may be left ON for landing 3. When will probe heat automatically come on? On the ground, low power is applied to the heaters when at least one engine is operating. In flight, the heating system automatically changes to high. The probe heaters can be activated manually prior to engine start by placing the PROBE/WINDOW HEAT pb ON. Note: The TAT probes are not heated on the ground. 4. What happens to engine RPM when either engine anti-ice valve is open? The N1 limit for that engine is automatically reduced, and if necessary, the idle N1 is automatically increased for both engines in order to provide the required pressure. Additionally, continuous ignition is activated for that engine. 5. What part of each wing is anti-iced with pneumatic bleed air? The three outboard slats on each wing. 6. Is electrical heat applied to the galley/lavatory drain masts anytime there is aircraft electrical power on the aircraft? The drain masts are heated any time the electrical system is powered. 7. What happens to the heat at the drain masts when the aircraft is on the ground? On the ground, the heat is reduced to prevent injury to ground personnel. * * *

Chapter 7: Electrical
1. What does the EXT PWR pb AVAIL light mean? AVAIL light illuminates green if: * External power is plugged in, and * External power parameters are normal. 2. If an IDG is disconnected, can it be reconnected in flight? Pressing the IDG pb disconnects the IDG from its driveshaft. Only maintenance personnel can reconnect it. 3. What is the difference between this EMER ELEC PWR MAN ON pb switch and the RAT MAN ON pb on the hydraulic panel? The EMER ELEC PWR MAN ON pb switch selects manual RAT extension. Emergency generator coupling occurs three seconds after the RAT is supplying the emergency generator. The RAT MAN ON pb is used to deploy the RAT manually and will only pressurize the blue system, but not activate the emergency generator. 4. What does the RAT & EMER GEN red FAULT light indicate when illuminated? This light illuminates red if the emergency generator is not supplying power when AC BUS 1 and AC BUS 2 are not powered. 5. Prior to the first flight of the day, what should the battery voltage be?  25.5 Volts 6. During preflight, what options are available if the battery voltage for either battery is below 25.5 volts? A battery charging cycle of 20 minutes is required. BAT 1 and 2 … AUTO EXT PWR … ON Check on ECAM ELEC page, battery contactor closed and batteries charging. After 20 minutes: BAT 1 and 2 … OFF BAT 1 and 2 Voltage … Check  25.5V If battery voltage  25.5V: BAT 1 and 2 … AUTO 7. How long must the IDG pushbutton be held to achieve a disconnect? Press IDG pb until the GEN FAULT light comes on but for not more than 3 seconds to avoid damage to the disengage solenoid. 8. What are the cautions regarding the disconnecting of an IDG? Do not disconnect the IDG when the engine is not operating (or not windmilling) because starting the engine after having done so will damage the IDG. Holding this pb in for more than approximately 3 seconds may damage the disconnection mechanism.

9. What is the normal source of power for AC ESS BUS? The AC ESS bus is normally powered by AC BUS 1 through the AC essential feed contactor. The AC ESS FEED pb allows the pilot to transfer the AC ESS bus power source from AC BUS 1 to AC BUS 2. Note: In case of total loss of main generators, the AC ESS BUS is automatically supplied by the emergency generator or by the static inverter if the emergency generator is not available. 10. Can the APU generator power all buses on the ground? The APU can supply the entire electrical system on the ground. 11. If the green AVAIL light is present in the EXT PWR pushbutton and a green AVAIL light on the APU START pb, what is the source of electrical power (with engines shut down)? The APU will be the source of power. Although external power has priority over the APU generator, the EXT PWR pb must be pushed and indicate ON to use external power as the source. 12. If both engines are started at the gate using external electrical power, the EXT PWR ON light will remain illuminated. After engine start will that ON light extinguish automatically? No – The ON light remains illuminated even if the engines generators are supplying the aircraft. 13. If both main AC buses lose electrical power with airspeed above 100 knots, what will happen? If both AC BUS 1 and 2 are lost and the airspeed is above 100 knots, the RAT automatically deploys and pressurizes the Blue hydraulic system, which drives the hydraulically driven emergency generator. A generator control unit controls generator output, which is considerably lower than that of the main generators. 14. What buses will the emergency generator supply? Once the emergency generator is up to speed it will supply power to the AC ESS BUS and DC ESS BUS (via the ESS TR) in addition to the AC ESS SHED and DC ESS SHED buses. During RAT deployment and emergency generator coupling (approximately 8 seconds), the batteries supply power to these buses. After landing, the DC BAT bus is automatically connected to the batteries when airspeed drops below 100 knots. When the speed decreases below 50 knots, the AC ESS bus is automatically shed, and power is lost to the CRTs.

Chapter 8: Fire Protection
1. What action arms the engine fire extinguishing squibs? The ENG FIRE pb: * Silences the aural fire warning * Arms the fire extinguisher sqibs * Closes the LP fuel valve * Closes the hydraulic fire valve * Closes the engine bleed valve * Closes the pack flow control valve * Disconnects the FADEC power supply * Deactivates the IDG 2. If a failure in both engine fire loops occurs within 5 seconds of each other, what will occur? A fire warning. 3. If an APU start is initiated on battery power only, is fire protection available? Yes

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