BATH & THERMOSTATIC SHOWER CONTROL Installation Operation & Maintenance Guide

The following diagrams and text illustrate typical examples of suitable plumbing … hot water, heated from thermal store, showers. Gas heated showers. …

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THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE TO BE LEFT WITH THE USER, Contents, Important Safety Information, Introduction, Pack Contents Checklist, Specifications, Installation Requirements, Installation, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance, Appendices, Dimensions, Spare parts, Guarantee, Customer Care Policy, and How to contact us, Important Safety Information, 1. WARNING!, 1.1. 2. Caution!, 2.1. 2.2. 2.3. 2.4. 2.5. 2.5.1. 2.5.2. 2.5.3. 2.6. 2.7. 3. WARNING!, If only the hot tap is turned on then the bath fill outlet will deliver the, temperature of water stored in the hot water cylinder. Introduction, Description, Product range, Maintenance: \”1. Fault diagnosis\”, Pack Contents Checklist, 1. Mira Extra Bath & Thermostatic Shower Mixer, 2. Documentation, 1. Pressure range, 1.0 bar, 1.2. 0.1 bar, 1.3. 10.0 bar, 1.4. 2. Temperature selection, Cold 10 – 15C. 60 – 65C. 3. Standards and Approvals, 3.1. Installation Requirements, 1. General, \”Important Safety Information\”, 1.3. Do not, must, 1.5. 1.6. 1.7. must, 2. Typical suitable installations, Key to symbols, 2.1. Gravity fed showers, cold water storage cistern, hot water cylinder, 2.2. Gas heated showers, modulating, design, 2.3. Mains pressurised instantaneous hot water, heated from thermal store,, showers, 2.4. Unvented mains pressure showers, 2.5. Pumped Showers, 2.6. Inlet Pumps, Important, System, Figure, Flow Regulators, Reference, Notes, Hot, left, Cold, right, 1.8. Mira Extra. 1.9. shower fitting, Installation,, Operation and Maintenance, Guide. Commissioning, Maximum temperature setting, \”Installation\”, Maximum temperature setting. Bath Fill, WARNING!, Note!, Shower, Cold water, Warm water, Preset maximum temperature. Note!, Maintenance, 1. Fault diagnosis, Malfunction, Cause, Remedy, installation, selection chart, Commissioning, Maximum temperature, setting, Hot – left, Cold right. Parts List. 2. General, 3. Cleaning, WARNING!, Spare Parts, 1. Mira Extra spare parts list, 2. Mira Extra spare parts diagram, Right Hand Thread, anticlockwise. Left Hand Thread, clockwise. Customer Service, To validate the guarantee, please return your completed, registration card. Service under this guarantee does not affect the expiry, date. The guarantee on any exchanged parts or product, ends when the normal product guarantee period expires. Not covered by this guarantee, Service, This guarantee is in addition to your statutory and other, legal rights. To contact us, Before using your shower, Mira Showers Customer Services, What to do if something goes wrong, Wm H Leech & Son Ltd, Modern Plant Ltd, As part of our quality and training programme calls, may be recorded or monitored, Mira Showers,

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