CARBURETOR A DJUSTM ENTS. HOLLEY MO DEL 1909. Float Level Adjustment install the screws and torque screws down evenly. Insert fast idle com rod into the …

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FUEL – CARBURETION – EXHAUST 19 Dash-Pot Adjustment Unloader …

A dash-pot is provided on cars equipped with the \”E-STICK\” transmission to restrict the throttle from closing too rapidly and causing the engine to stall. Turn the idle speed screw out to allow the throttle valve to close tightly in the bore. Depress the dashpot diaphrogm stem fully. Adjust by turning the dash-pot in or out to obta in %\” clearance between the stem ond the throttle lever (Fig. 59). Tighten the lock nut.

The designation Model 1909 isa general description. A more specific identification can be made by referring to the list Number and American Motors Part Number stamped on the fuel bowl. List Number 2387 and 2557 are used on the 10 Series. list Number 2557 ca rburetor incorporates a dash-pot to control the closing rate of the throttle plate and is used on cars equipped with \” E ~ S T I C K \” mission. The carburetors are identical in all other respects. This is a single barrel downdraft carburetor consisting of two main sub-  assemblies; the single unit al uminum die cast carburetor body and arne air horn assembly

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