Module development tutorial: pants.module – Drupal

Module development tutorial: pants.module. DrupalCon Brussels. September 22, 2006 … Check for similar areas of interest …

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Module development tutorial: pants.module – Drupal
Andy is wearing pants (but not a shirt)Andy wrote the first pants. drupal. org for similar areas of interestRead:http://drupal. info Let\’s get pants. install started!pants. moduleWe need some codeNo need for pantspants. moduleLet\’s get ready for pants. It:registers URL-based callbacks (REST)populates navigation menusserves as highlevel access controlhook_userSeveral options implemented: \”load\”: get pants status\”insert\” / \”update\”: set pants status\”view\” : show pants status on profile pageUser EditUser Viewhook_blockAgain: multiple \”modes\” for hook_block\”list\”: used to show available blocks\”view\”: called with $delta to display an individual blockThemeable functionsAllow themers to override your markupGood idea anytime you\’re including raw HTML in your codeOnce more with AJAX!$(document). click( function() { $. pants-status\”).

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