Motorola U9 User’s Guide Manual

Personalize your phone with floating animated screensavers in the … information contained in this user’s guide are based upon …

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Motorola U9 User\’s Guide Manual
MOTO, User\’s Guide, Feel It, See It, Hear It!, music, animated screensavers, camera, video, email, phone, For more information,, Camera Lens, Lanyard Hook, Bluetooth(R) Indicator, Charge Indicator, Light, Volume Keys, Voice Command Key, Handsfree Speaker, Side Select Key, Micro-USB Port, External Display, Home Screen, Main Menu, Note, Your phone\’s home screen and, main menu may be different. Caution, Software Copyright Notice, menu map . . . 7, Use and Care . . . 9, EU Conformance . . . 10, essentials. . . . 11, calls . . . 31, basics . . . 15, entertainment. . . . 34, messages . . . 47, connections . . . 51, customize . . . 25, other features . . . 58, service & repairs . . . 71, SAR Data . . . 72, OSS Information . . . 73, index . . . 74, Contacts, Office Tools (continued), Web Access, Messages, Settings, Multimedia, Games, Office Tools, Your phone\’s menu may be, Help, different. Recent Calls, To change your home screen, shortcuts and your main menu, appearance, see your, Tip, (continued next column), * Profiles, * Call Settings, * Phone Settings (continued), * Themes, * Home Screen, * Connections, * Security, * Phone Settings, * Network, liquids of any kind, dust and dirt, extreme heat or cold, cleaning solutions, microwaves, the ground,, CAUTION, symbols, Find it, IMPORTANT: HANDLE AND STORE, BATTERIES PROPERLY TO AVOID INJURY, Tip, OR DAMAGE. DON\’Ts, Don\’t disassemble, crush, puncture,, shred, or otherwise attempt to, change the form of your battery. Don\’t let the phone or battery come, in contact with water. Caution, Don\’t allow the battery to touch, metal objects. Don\’t place your battery near a heat, source. Motorola recommends you always use, Motorola-branded batteries and chargers. Do avoid dropping the battery or, phone. Do contact your service provider or, Motorola if your phone or battery, has been damaged from dropping or, high temperatures. IMPORTANT: USE MOTOROLA ORIGINAL, PRODUCTS FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE, AND SAFEGUARDS. Important, Warning, PROPER AND SAFE BATTERY DISPOSAL, AND RECYCLING,,, Disposal, Message Indicator Location Indicator Signal Strength Indicator Profile Indicator EDGE/GPRS Indicator Bluetooth Indicator Active Line Indicator Battery Level Indicator text entry modes, change, Change text case, Set word learning, Set text completion, Enter punctuation, Edit or delete text:

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