Make a copy of this manual, proof of purchase/sales record for safekeeping in … SHOTGUNS AND RIFLES ARE CLASSIFIED AS FIREARMS OR DANGEROUS …

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European American Armory Corp. 3855 North U.S. Highway One, Cocoa, Florida 32926, (321) 639-4842,, E-mail:, WARNING AND INSTRUCTION MANUAL, PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS, MODEL #, BARREL LENGTH CALIBERS, FINISH, TYPE, GENERAL INFORMATION, W A R N I N G, TYPE OF AMMUNITION TO BE USED, N O T I C E, WARNING, A M M U N I T I O N W A R N I N G, READING THESE SAFETY RULES WILL SAVE, YOUR LIFE OR THE LIFE OF SOMEONE ELSE, beyond the reach of children, FIRING WARNING, WARNING (Mechanical Malfunctions), External Control Parts, Bolt Block Safety, Trigger, Bolt Cocking Handle, Magazine Release Lever, Upper Receiver Release Latch, Upper Receiver Release Latch Detente, Bolt Catch (Not on all Models), INFORMATION FIGURES, Direction for Assembly, Screw in Chokes for shotguns: (This is an option ), SHOTGUN CHOKE TUBE INFORMATION, To load your Firearm, Fig 9, Fig 7, **WARNING**, FIG 8, To Fire Your Firearm, **WARNINGS**, * PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL WARNINGS IN THIS MANUAL, BEFORE USING THE FIREARM, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE, SHOOTING AT, wearing ear, and eye protection. Fig 10, To Unload Firearm, Fig 11, Fig 12, MANUFACTURER\’S WARNING, THE GUN, OWNER MUST ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CORRECT, REASSEMBLY AND FUNCTIONING OF THE FIREARM AFTER ANY, DISASSEMBLY OR REPLACEMENT OF PARTS. Direction for Disassembly for Cleaning, and Maintenance and Reassembly, Fig 1, Fig 2, Fig 3, Fig 4, Be careful because the latch is under, spring tension, Fig 5, Fig. 6, Fig. 13-15 , CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF THE FIREARM, DANGER — AMMUNITION WARNING, AMMUNITION NOTICE, LUBRICATION WARNING, Exploded View SAIGA 7.62X39, NOTICE: When ordering parts, must specify caliber or gauge. Scope & mount are options. PARTS LIST, Exploded View SAIGA 410GA, Exploded View SAIGA 308. Exploded View SAIGA 20GA, Exploded View & Parts List SAIGA 12GA, ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY, at our option, YOUR OWNERS\’ MANUAL
It is suggested that high quality commercially manufactured ammunition be used in this firearm. Some factory ammunition works better than others and you should stick with the brand you find works well in your firearm. Avoid military surplus or hot loaded ammo. The use of reloaded, high pressure or hand loaded ammunition will void the warranty.
SHOTGUNS AND RIFLES ARE CLASSIFIED AS FIREARMS OR DANGEROUS WEAPONS and are sold by European American Armory Corporation with the specific understanding that we are not responsible in any manner what-so-ever for their safe handling or resale under local laws and regulations. European American Armory shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for malfunctioning of the firearm, for physical injury or for property damage resulting in whole or in part from (1) intentional or negligent discharge, (2) improper or careless handling, (3) unauthorized modifications and/or alteration to the internal/safety mechanisms, (4) defective, improper, high pressure, hand-loaded, or reloaded ammunition, (5) corrosion and/or lack of proper maintenance (6) neglect, or (7) other influences beyond our direct and immediate control. This limitation applies regardless of whether liability is asserted on the basis of contract, negligence or strict liability (including any failure to warn). Under no circumstance shall European American Armory Corporation be liable for incidental or consequential damages, such as loss of use of property, commercial loss and loss of earnings or profits.

1. We recommend that you get competent firearms instruction in safe handling before using this firearm. Please ask your dealer. All guns are extremely dangerous if carelessly handled or used. Remember that the firearm user is the primary \”safety\” and to depend on any mechanical devices is to be only half safe. 2. This firearm will fire if a cartridge is in the chamber and the trigger is pulled and the safety is disengaged and the bolt is in the battery position. 3. DO NOT LOAD THIS FIREARM UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THIS FIREARM OPERATES. KEEP this firearm unloaded at all times except when ready to fire and you are sure of your target. 4. ALWAYS carry this firearm in a case or original box unloaded. 5. NEVER point this firearm at anything that is not your intended target even if this firearm is unloaded. When loading, cleaning, unloading or handling, always be sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction and always keep your finger off the trigger. 6. NEVER assume any gun is unloaded. Before handling, check to make sure the chamber is empty. See unloading Instructions and then unload any ammunition. Make sure you know that this or any firearm is fully unloaded before displaying or handling it. When handling any firearm, keep your fingers away from the trigger at all times until you intend to fire. 7. WARNING: The actual firearm does not contain any lead; however, it does fire ammunition containing lead or lead compounds known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive toxicity, and other serious physical injury. Those who discharge a firearm, stand near someone who discharges a firearm or cleans firearms are hereby warned of the dangers presented by lead and lead compounds and should take protective health measures. Avoid exposure to lead while handling and wash your hands after contact. Proper air ventilation is absolutely necessary when shooting indoors.

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