Sony Ericsson K750i User guide

This is the Internet version of the user’s guide. Ä° Print only for private use. 1. Contents … This user guide is published by Sony Ericsson Mobile …

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Sony Ericsson K750i User guide
Getting started … 4 Assemble the phone, SIM card, battery, make a call. Getting to know your phone … 8 Phone overview, use the menus, enter letters, activity menu, file manager, Memory Stick Duo. Calling … 17 Calls, contacts, voice control, call options. Messaging … 32 Text messaging, picture messaging, voice messaging, email, My friends. Imaging … 41 Camera, video recorder, pictures, PhotoDJTM. Entertainment … 46 Media player, radio, PlayNowTM, ringtones, MusicDJTM, VideoDJTM, sound recorder, themes, games.

Sony Ericsson K750i
Connectivity … 56 Internet and email settings, synchronizing, Bluetooth, infrared, USB cable, update service. More features … 65 Time and date, alarm clock, calendar, tasks, JavaTM applications, SIM card lock, etc. Troubleshooting … 73 Why doesn\’t the phone work the way I want? Additional information … 78 Sony Ericsson Consumer Web site, safe and efficient use, warranty, declaration of conformity. Icons … 86 Icon descriptions Index … 88

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