T-KJr. Instantaneous Water Heater, Installation Manual and Owner’s Guide

Before bathing or showering always check the water temperature. …… reasons. Wire the heater exactly as shown in the wiring diagram. …

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T-KJr. Instantaneous Water Heater, Installation Manual and Owner\’s Guide, Flash Water Heater, Model T-KJr. FEATURING, SPECIFICATIONS, CONTENTS, Manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue, or change at any time, specifications or, designs without notice and without incurring obligations. INTRODUCTION, FOR YOUR SAFETY, WARNING, GENERAL, INSTALLATION, Accessories, GENERAL, OUTDOOR INSTALLATION, Outdoor dip switch setting, Outdoor Installation Service Clearances, WARNING, The diagram below details the required, clearances around the unit, Combustion Air Supply, Air Supply from Outside Building, Air Supply from Inside Building, INDOOR INSTALLATION, Indoor Installation Service Clearances, Minimum recommended air supply opening size, for water heater, Combustible Air Supplied by, Exhaust Vent, Mechanical fan or Make up air device. Follow the, Direct intake vent system, vent pipe manufacturer\’s instructions when, installing the vent pipe. Max. Vertical or, Horizontal run in, Length, For each elbow added, deduct 5 ft. from, max. Vent length. No. of Elbows, Max. Vertical or, Horizontal Length, 35 ft. 30 ft. 25 ft. 20 ft. VENTING INSTRUCTIONS, General, Vent Termination, The exhaust, goes to the roof, Can d, a a, U.S.A, GAS SUPPLY AND GAS PIPE SIZING, Pipe Sizing Example, Recommend Gas pipe size for, T-KJR Water Heater(Example for NG), Natural Gas Supply Piping, Propane (LP) Gas Supply Piping, WATER CONNECTIONS, Unit Draining & Filter Cleaning Procedures, To re-start your heater, follow these steps, Pressure Relief Valve, Note, ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS, INITIAL OPERATION, For your safety please read before, operating the unit for the first time, CAUTION, CAUTION: IF YOU SMELL GAS, Wiring diagrams are also located on the, inside panel of the appliance. Normal Operation, Household Flow Rates, Appliance / Use, Flow Rate, FLOW, TEMPERATURE SETTINGS, Hot Water Output Temperature, Setting, FREEZE PROTECTION, DEVICES, MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE, WARNING: Turn off the electrical power, supply and close the manual gas control, valve and the manual water control valve, before servicing. Do this immediately after installation, CAUTION, Common Trouble Shooting, The T-KJR Will Not Initiate, ERROR CODES, It Takes Too Long to Get Hot Water, Computer Board, TK-RE02, Check Point, STOP!, Vapors from flammable liquids will explode and catch fire causing death or severe burns. WARNING: Do not install water heater where flammable products will be stored. Read and follow water heater warnings and instructions. If owner\’s manual is, missing, contact the retailer or manufacturer. Applications, Space Heating Applications, WARNING, Toxic chemicals used in boiler treatments such as alcohol, glycerol and glycol, group must not be introduced into the system when used for open loop potable, water and space heating. The FLASH T-KJR can be used to supply potable water and space heating and, shall not be connected to any heating system or component(s) previously used, with non-potable water where any chemicals were added to the water heating, appliances. When the system requires water for space heating at temperatures higher than, required for other uses, a means such as a mixing valve shall be installed to, temper the water for those other uses in order to reduce scald hazard potential. Water temperature over 125 F can cause severe burns instantly or death from, scalds. Chemicals such as diluted Glycol can be used for radiant floor, Hydro/fan coil air, or Baseboard heating only. Basic System Drawings and Schematics, Heating application only, Warning:

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